Successful hip replacement for 85 year-old patient with chronic renal failure and high blood pressure

24/04/2020 09:44

Viet Duc University Hospital (VDUH) has just admited one patient P. T. T. (85 years old) due to right femoral neck fracture


According to the patient’s relative, she had  a history of chronic renal failure, diagnosed a year ago and high blood pressure in three years. Three months ago her left femoral neck was broken by a leisure accident, therefore she was operated on for replacement of her left hip. After operation, she recovered and was able to walk as normal.


However, on April 1st, 3 months after the left hip replacement, she unfortunately fell down and broke her right femoral neck.


 Ass. Prof. Nguyen Manh Khanh PhD., Vice Director of Institute of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery, Chief of Upper Extremity Surgery and Sport Medicine Department, VDUH said, doctors examined and arranged the patient to check all necessary examinations including: hematology and biochemistry test, disciplinal consultations of specialties of anesthetists and cardio-vascular surgeons, diagnosed that she has a left bundle branch block – LBBB but it could be treated by medicine without any cardio-vascular interventions yet. Thus, orthopedic surgeons decided to perform an operation to replace her injured hip. One week after operation, she has some physiotherapies and was discharged.

Ass. Prof. Nguyen Manh Khanh PhD. visited patient before her discharge.

Ass. Prof. Nguyen Manh Khanh PhD. Recommended : The elderly people need to be careful in daily activities to prevent the unfortunate accidents. If the  patient has been injured and was operated on for one hip replacement, it is important to avoid the fall might affect to the remaining hip joint.


During the epidemic of COVID-19 is complex, VDUH has well prepared all safe solutions to prevent its spreading: only one relative is allowed to stay, take care of patient and required to wear the barcode to check identity; many check sites for medical declaration and body temperature arranged; distancing patients 2m away from the hospital entrance when they come to the hospital for consultation.


 All medical staff in departments and hospital have been trying the best for the blood reservation, especially the blood stock in the blood bank needs to be increased due to prolonged COVID-19.


Additionally, all patients are provided the comprehensive care and appropriate rehabilitation as protocol .


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