The amazing journey to become a medical student of a traffic accident patient

05/09/2019 15:15

8 years ago, no one thought that Nguyen Anh Nhi, now a new student at Hanoi Medical University (2019), could survive miraculously and become encouraged one. The dream of the girl will become a medical worker to help save many sick people like she has been saved by everyone.


Recalling the day 8 years ago (December 1st, 2011), Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Nhi’s father still had a horrified mood when he was informed that his daughter had a traffic accident: After school, there were still uniforms. on a child who had an accident collided with a truck carrying sand when traveling on the road. On the patient only see blood, but still breathing and moving, so after a horrific moment, everyone decided to rush to emergency at Ngoc Lac Hospital then transfer directly to Viet Duc University Hospital in the hope of saving  patient. Arriving at Viet Duc University Hospital, Nhi was immediately transferred into the operating room, the operations were proceeded through the night until the next morning to manage a series of serious injuries such as lost to the abdominal wall and colon, many lesions on small intestine, abundant blood in the abdomen. All staff on duty have tried every effort to retain their fragile life. The surgery record was: Removal of entire colon, the entire ovary on both sides, part of the bladder and ureter…. Most important is losing most of the abdominal wall so after surgery the patient is placed a gauze covering the organs of abdominal cavity temporarily to take care.


The miraculous thing happened, after the surgery on emergency, gradually she woke up, opened her eyes and recognized everyone, and the way to conquer and fight her illness began, the next days of her journey of treatment, she feels Viet Duc University Hospital and Department of Septic Surgery as a second home, often visiting and treating. Within 8 years, she has undergone a total of 23 surgeries of all kinds with leading experts, even cross-border consultations with experts from France, USA and Taiwan whenever she has the opportunity.


Ass. Prof. Nguyen Duc Chinh, who has followed her since the first days, and who directly treated and operated on her said: For many years of work with “scalpel”, I have not encountered a case of illness like Nhi. Not a very dangerous case but complicated in that there are many injuries at the same time handling in a very small girl. Moreover, losing the entire abdominal wall of care and repair is unimaginable.


Until today, although only 19 years old, the age of ambition and dreams, health but Nhi has to undergo many large and small surgeries. Department of Septic Surgery is a familiar home of the whole family. Every time the patient should go to Hanoi to prepare for a new surgery, the whole family has to arrange the work, and lives because both parents taking care of her.

Patient Nhi in the first days after surgery, her organs were exposed

In addition to the perseverance and determination of the team dedicated to patient, we have the great support of colleagues in the departments: Pediatric and Neonatal Surgery and Department of Urology, Department of Maxillofacial, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Center… Especially Center of Anesthesia & Surgical Intensive Care in which patient has spent many days for caring. It was the determination of the family, the strength of Nhi’s spirit that made us more motivated to help her. Ass. Prof. Nguyen Duc Chinh – Chief of Department of Septic Surgery shares: Every time a foreign expert comes to us, we take the opportunity to seek professional advice. Meeting American doctors who came from the early stages of treatment for Nhi, they also said that the case was difficult and the ability to save lives as well as rehabilitation was too difficult because at that time the patient was too young. However, according to the experts, in the future, the older patients will have changes can be calculated later.


Dr. Tran Tuan Anh, one of medical team who participated in the surgery and the treatment for Nhi said: This is a very special case, perhaps we have never met, even in the medical literature, hence experts only advise waiting. Wait and see if there’s medical progress. Most importantly, the patient lost her entire abdominal wall and we covered the internal organs with a medical material “mesh” and it worked. Through many care processes organize seeds and create new belly as now. However, this abdominal wall does not have muscles, tendon, ligaments … and the components hold as constituting the normal abdomen. The miracle is that the patient then developed, integrated into life and learned like so many other friends to come today as a medical student.

After 3 months of treatment scar formation and organization covering the abdominal wall

Eagerly waiting for the days of being a medical student, satisfying the aspiration to become a medical staff to serve the patients later. However, the “road” ahead of the medical student … Nhi still has many hardships and challenges. It is also the challenge for the Department of Septic Surgery to perfect the body for Nhi. Currently, the patient still has a artificial anus and is monitored and evaluated to manage as soon as possible.


Not only Nhi, many patients with such circumstances and injuries have been rescued by the Department of Septic Surgery and returned to normal life, evaluated highly by Viet Duc University Hospital leaders and colleagues.


Today when Nhi stepped into the door of Hanoi Medical University, a brighter new path opened before my eyes and met again with Ass. Prof. Chinh and the doctors, staff of the Department of Septic Surgery, her benefactors, Nhi was touched to say: the past days have been treated and cared for by the hospital physicians in general and the doctors in the Department of Septic Surgery, I felt like I was born one more time, luckily smiled at my life, after many years being come and cared by my second home, I’ve brought my love the doctors, I try to study and dream of someday wearing the shirt of love, sharing and understanding. Today, I have achieved a part of my life’s wish when I passed the entrance to Hanoi Medical University, I feel very touched and thankful a great motivation from the doctors and nurses which made me do my best to have today….

Medical reports and surgery papers from Nguyen Anh Nhi – a new medical student.

Anh Nhi (center) with her parents and team of doctors from Department of Septic Surgery before school starts




Doan Trang, International Cooperation Department.

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