The patient’s family who has been treated in Viet Duc University Hospital, donated the medical equipment worth 1,4 billion VND to hospital

30/12/2020 08:59

On November 3rd, Viet Duc University Hospital (VDUH) received the medical equipment donated by the patient has been treated in hospital.


There are Mr. Nguyen Trong Thong and his wife – Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, who live in Cau Giay District, Hanoi. Mr. Thong, the patient has been treated at VDUH.


Prof. Tran Binh Giang, PhD. – VDUH’s Director thanks to the patient’s family for donation of the medical equipment for consultation and treatment in hospital.


Actually Mr. Thong’s family donated to the hospital including 01 endoscopic set, 01 operation table and the air conditioners into 2 patient wards worth more than 1,4 billion VND.


Prof. Tran Binh Giang – VDUH’s Director said the donation of medical equipment worth 1,4 billion VND is meaningful work because it helps the treatment of urinary diseases in VDUH to be more advantageous.


“The hospital is very grateful to the hearts of patients, who after recovering from the illness, have helped and invested in the modern equipment and machines for the hospital in order to help other patients” – Prof. Tran Binh Giang said.


According to the Mr. Thong’s family representative, during his hospitalization in the department of Urology Surgery of VDUH, he fully understood the difficulties of doctors and health staff due to lacking of equipment. Especially, in several patient wards, the patients and their relatives don’t have enough beds and air conditioners in hot days. Thus, Mr. Thong and his family wanted to make their small contribution to alleviate the patients’ difficulties.


Ass. Prof. Do Truong Thanh PhD. – Chief of Urology Surgery Department (VDUH) shared that the qualifications of doctors in VDUH were the same with the colleagues of countries in the region and in the world.


At the Urology Surgery Department of VDUH, there are 3 operation tables needed the endoscopic surgery equipment. Thus, this donation helped doctors a lot in performing the urology surgeries as well.


Also according to Ass. Prof. Do Truong Thanh, among the urology diseases, urinary stone is most common. Many patients leave it too late, when the stone become big to be examined, that requires to perform laparoscopic lithotripsy, while they come to the hospital in early diagnosis, most of them only take medicines.


Currently 90% surgeries were performed by endoscopic surgery. With 3 operation tables, the department is able to perform 20-30 operations per day. All urinary diseases can be treated by the laparoscopic surgery: total adrenalectomy,  total prostatectomy, lithotripsy… Laparoscopic surgery brings many benefits to patients than open – lot of  pain and long hospitalization. Among the urology diseases most common today is stone.


According to Ass. Prof. Do Truong Thanh, it is the fact that most of patients only visits to the hospital when the stone is big. If they visit the hospital in early stage, when the stone is small, they just need to take medicines to treat. If the patient leaves it long, the stone gradually becomes bigger. At this time, the patient is recommended to percutaneous laser lithotripsy or percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL).


Ass. Prof. Do Truong Thanh PhD. – Chief of Urology Surgery Department and colleagues are performing the laparoscopic lithotripsy for a patient.

While only a regular ultrasound every 6 months, we can easily detect the stones. In developed countries, there is almost no big stone case.


“At our department, we used to see the patient with a very big stone (the size of 10cm). These cases needed to do lithotripsy 3-4 times for removing completely ” – said by Ass. Prof. Do Truong Thanh.


Additionally, recurrence of urinary stone is very easy to happen, thus patients need to follow the instruction of doctors and drink plenty water…


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