Three fingers of 14 years old boy are cut off due to explosion of electric fan battery

11/11/2020 10:36

On October 23rd the Viet Duc University Hospital received a young boy N.H.A.T (14 years old from Bac Ninh province) with serious injury due to the explosion of an electric fan battery.


Crushed hand of patient T.


Before that, T was hospitalized consciously, hemodynamic stability, friction in the jaw, face, chest, and abdomen. Additionally the patient’s left eye has torn upper eyelid layer, conjunctiva congestion. In particular, T’s left hand was crushed in the fingers from 1 to 3, along with skin at the back and the palm of the hand was peeled off and dirty with many black objects.


According to the patient’s family, while taking the battery from the fan to play, the battery suddenly exploded, causing T serious injuries. 


Doctor Doan Le Vinh, Department of General Orthopaedic Surgery (Viet Duc University Hospital) said, doctors have cleaned the wound many times and then performed the surgery on emergency to repair the amputation of three fingers along with management of soft tissues and many other wounds.


After 1 hour surgery, the patient was stable. With the upper eyelid wound and conjunctiva congestion, T was transferred to the ophthalmic hospital for further treatment.


In recent years, medical facilities across the country have received many injury cases due to explosion of backup batteries, handmade batteries, batteries of electronic devices, phones are exploded while charging batteries … Crushing wounds caused by explosion are very difficult to preserve limb, most of those cases are pointed to be amputated.


 “Therefore, everyone should pay attention in using electronic devices, especially children absolutely to not learn from homemade videos on social networks, causing seriously affecting their health and lives”, recommended doctor Doan Le Vinh.

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