Viet Duc University Hospital: Artery chemical embolization treat liver cancer, save treatment cost, increase patient’s life time

30/09/2019 14:38

The number of new cases of liver cancer in Vietnam was 25,355 cases, accounting for the highest proportion (15.4%) of the total number of new cancer cases detected in Vietnam in 2018, including hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) accounts for 80% of primary liver cancers and is a malignancy of liver cells.


 Liver cancer accounts for the highest proportion of new cancer cases in Vietnam


 Male patients 63 years of age in Bac Giang recent signs of fatigue, anorexia, weight loss, skin yellow … was examined at medical facilities locally, and then followed by the Viet Duc University and diagnosed HCC at stage of progresses, however in this case, doctor may not specify a liver transplant.


 After consulting with treatment options and discussing with the doctors, the patient decided to choose the latest Lipiodol artery chemical embolization method (cTACE – Conventional Transarterial Chemoembolization) applied in Vietnam, a mixing and pumping system Vectorio is designed for proper use with Lipiodol & drugs for cancer  to treat liver cancer at Diagnostic Imaging Department of Viet Duc University Hospital.

Dr. Le Thanh Dung, MD, MA reported on the effectiveness of the artery chemical embolization method for treating HCC at the workshop held on September 19

Afternoon 19th Sept, patient was treated by Dr. Le Thanh Dung, MD, MA – Deputy chief of Diagnostic Imaging Department along with the partners who conducted the treatment according to the above method.


 Also, on 19/9, along with the male patient, there were 2 other patients who were treated for advanced stage HCC by cTACE with Lipiodol. 


Speaking with reporter of Suc khoe & Doi song newspaper, Dr. Le Thanh Dung, MD, MA said in these cases, the appointment of treatment with Lipiodol (cTACE) will help increase the quality of life and the survival of patients over 5 years and this is an option. Optimal choice for the disease status of these patients


 Information at the symposium “Optimizing artery chemical node method for treatment of HCC” took place on the morning of the same day, Dr. Le Thanh Dung, MD, MA – said, in the past time at Diagnostic Imaging Department – Viet Duc University Hospital used Lipiodol (cTACE) to treat liver cancer, which helps to provide treatment opportunities for many liver cancer patients. 


According to data from Globalcan in 2018, the number of new cases of liver cancer in Vietnam was 25,355, accounting for the highest proportion (15.4%) of the total number of new cancer cases detected in Vietnam in 2018. HCC accounts for 80% of primary liver cancers and is a malignancy of liver cells.


 “The diagnosis of this disease is often difficult to detect at an early stage, most cases of HCC are diagnosed and detected in advanced or late stages, not suitable for treatment methods. Radical treatment such as liver surgery, liver transplantation, percutaneous destruction of the liver tumor ”- Dr. Le Thanh Dung, MD, MA said.


 Many advantages of procedure


According to Dr. Le Thanh Dung, MD, MA, the cTACE plays an important role, providing the opportunity to be treated for more than 70% of patients unable to undergo surgery. The effectiveness of the cTACE has been demonstrated in clinical trials to control tumor growth and extend patient survival, when compared to systemic chemotherapy or symptomatic treatment only.


The cTACE has the basic principle of stopping the blood supply from the artery to the tumor and introducing the local cancer-killing chemicals into the tumor.    

Doctors conduct advanced hepatocellular carcinoma treatment with the cTACE, which is used by Lipiodol for patients at Viet Duc University Hospital

Currently in Vietnam there are two methods of artery chemical embolization is being designated in the treatment of HCC, which is Lipiodol used (cTACE) and drug-eluting bead (DEB-TACE).


“In particular, the Lipiodol TACE is the most well-studied method and is an effective and safe choice in the treatment regimen of advanced HCC development.


 This method helps to monitor tumors during intervention and after intervention so it is possible to evaluate the results of therapy. At the same time, the water / oil emulsion of chemotherapy medicine (water body) and Lipiodol (oil body) is localized and penetrates deeply into the tumor. Lipiodol has a high affinity for liver cells that helps the medicine release slowly and promptly into the tumor -Dr. Le Thanh Dung, MD, MA shared


 Clinical studies show that the Lipiodol TACE helps patients with HCC with average life expectancy of 19.4 months, of which more than 30% live up to 5 years. In addition, the method of TACE using Lipiodol causes less complications such as: biliary obstruction, liver infarction, pulmonary embolism and this method is a temporary, so it is possible to repeat several times.


 In addition, the Lipiodol TACE helps patients save treatment costs compared to the DEB-TACE. Currently, the cost of treatment with the Lipiodol TACE is only VND 6.2 million, while the cost of the DEB-TACE ranges from VND 31.5 to 34.4 million.


 Dr. Le Thanh Dung, MD, MA said, with the advancement of science and technology, Lipiodol TACE is increasingly improved in both techniques and equipment to improve the efficiency and safety in the treatment of HCC.


 One of the most innovative Lipiodol TACE instrumental application in Vietnam is Vectorio mixing and pumping system designed for proper use with Lipiodol & anti-cancer medicines.


 Mixing and pumping system is compatible with Lipiodol for 24 hours, exquisitely designed, rugged, easy to use to ensure safety, accuracy and meet control requirements during operation.


 Currently Lipiodol is covered by Health Insurance according to the official prescription for use in the chemical plug for the treatment of HCC. This has contributed to help patients with HCC access and treatment with Lipiodol (cTACE) easily and effectively. 


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