Viet Duc University Hospital invested in “exceptional ” equipment, many advantages for patients to benefit

25/09/2019 09:01

The damage to the heart, nerves, musculoskeletal, abdominal cavity, mammary glands, chest … and cancer will be detected early, the ability to miss symptoms is less thanks to clear images, high resolution. These advantages are thanks to the ““exceptional ” system which newly equipped by Viet Duc University Hospital for medical services and treatment needs of people.


 Requirements of medical services


 Dr. Pham Huu Khuyen, MD, MA – Diagnostic Imaging Department of Viet Duc University Hospital shares, at the present, the system of equipment serving the needs of CT scan, MRI and DSA is being used at Viet Duc University Hospital sometimes overload and not able to meet the requirements of patients.


 “Sometimes we even have to send patients to other medical facilities to take medical imaging of some indications that the hospital’s diagnostic imaging system has not met. Or even, there is a situation when a patient is assigned to take a images but at that time, the heart rate is fast, higher than 70, the device system currently in use does not capture and the patient has to take medicine to wait for lowering a pulse or have to reschedule the imaging services… There are some patients who have to walk several times to take the scan, especially patients with a history of heart rhythm disorders, blood pressure”- Dr. Khuyen said.

512 slices CT scan with many advantages being put into use at Viet Duc University Hospital

However, these shortcomings are and will not exist because Viet Duc University Hospital has just equipped the system of 512 slices CT scan, 3.0 MRI and DSA scanner at the Diagnostic Imaging Department.


 According to Dr. Pham Huu Khuyen, MD, MA – with these new equipment, when the patient is assigned to perform one of the techniques of 512 slices CT system, 3.0 MRI and DSA will benefit greatly from the advantages of these devices such as: due to the fast capture time (only capture the whole heart in one heartbeat, or the heart rate over 70 still captures well), it not only helps the patient save time, limit the side effects when using contrast medicine, medicine to stabilize blood pressure for people with medical conditions of blood pressure but also help reduce the dose of radiation affecting the body.


This system has absolute advantages in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, strokes, rapid removal of cerebral thromboembolisms, early diagnosis of cancer diseases, especially cancer. lung, musculoskeletal, abdominal cavity …


Help to extend the indications of medical services and diagnosis, for having the early detections of diseases.


 From my daily practice for treatment of cardiovascular diseases, Prof. Nguyen Huu Uoc – Chief of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Department, Viet Duc University Hospital added, in the diagnostic images of cardiovascular diseases, especially coronary heart disease, congenital heart disease with a 64 slices CT, due to the low resolution , images are not clear and shooting time is slow, so it is difficult to screen and detect small lesions, early signs of disease.


 “The introduction of the modern equipment system to meet the needs of high-quality medical examination and treatment of patients, consistent with the trend of applying advanced technology in early diagnosis and effective treatment for patients of modern medicine in the world”.


 Accordingly, with cardiovascular pathologies, the 512 slices CT system, the 3.0 MRI and the baseline DSA have created breakthroughs in diagnosis and treatment. The images taken are clearly displayed, fast shooting time, X-ray restrictions for both patients and medical staff. In addition, the imaging exams system has replaced the method of exploration to expand the appointment and early diagnosis of diseases other than cardiovascular diseases.”- Prof. Nguyen Huu Uoc said.

Equipping MRI 3.0 with other devices, making a breakthrough in diagnosis and treatment to meet the needs of patients

Also from Prof. Nguyen Huu Uoc, these additional equipment help patients use the most advanced and modern equipment in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. In particular, in cardiovascular emergency, or emergency of aortic rupture injury, the above system is an effective means of timely diagnosis, treatment and emergency for patients.


 “Equipped with a 512 slices CT system, the 3.0 MRI will contribute to a dramatic change in diagnosis and treatment. Plus, the retrofit of DSA (Viet Duc University Hospital now has one) will increase the strength of doctors’ diagnosis and detection process.”


From the medical practice of cardiology, there are many cases of patients receiving, we do not think we can save them, but then thanks to the high level of professional physician combined with current modern equipment and  comprehensive helped the diagnosis and offer effective treatment plans”- Prof. Nguyen Huu Uoc added.


 With the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to bone and joint injuries, Ass. Prof. Nguyễn Mạnh Khánh – Chief of upper extremities surgery and Sport medicine of  Viet Duc University Hospital said, currently the 1.5 MRI helps to read the injuries of tendons, muscles, ligaments well, but with injuries of the cartilage and bone, condylar lesions or tibia tuberosity …are limited. While the general trend is osteoarthritis, trauma, cartilage damage … is increasing, so early detection of small injuries to tendons, muscles, cartilage … is essential.


With the advantage of MRI 3.0 due to the high image resolution, it clearly shows the vulnerable organizations that the previous generation machine has not been able to perform. In addition, for patients with bone and joint trauma, such as hypertension and coronary artery disease, using MRI 3.0 scanner will help patients to be diagnosed quickly, accurately, and limited intervene before taking.



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