32-year-old man donated his organs to ‘revive’ 4 other lives

23/08/2023 09:44

The 32-year-old man (resident in Phu Tho) was with brain death due to a traffic accident that his family has decided to donate his organs including heart to a patient in Hue, liver and 2 kidneys to 3 patients at Viet Duc University Hospital.

Doctors at Viet Duc University Hospital were processing to take the organs from Mr. T. – Photo: BVCC

4 lives are “revived”

On July 18, Viet Duc University Hospital shared about a humanitarian action in donating the organs to save lives.

That guy is Mr. D.VT, 32 years old (residing in Luong Son, Yen Lap, Phu Tho). Mr. T. unfortunately had a traffic accident on the way going home after work. He was transferred to the district hospital by his family, then to Viet Duc University Hospital.

Although the efforts of doctors were to save his live, Mr. T was in brain –dead. When knowing his situation, the Organ Transplantation Coordination and Consulting Unit, the Organ Transplantation Center of Viet Duc University Hospital mobilized the family to donate organs to save other lives.

Suppressing the pain of losing a family member, T.’s father, who is also the only one left in the family, agreed to donate his son’s organs/tissues to revive other patient’s life.

Before that, T.’s brother was died in a traffic accident when he was 16 years old. His mother also passed away just over a year ago.

From Mr. T’s donated organs, the Vietnam National Coordination Center for Human Organ Transplantation (NHOT) has distributed his organs. His heart was transferred to Hue Central Hospital for a transplant for a patient with dilated cardiomyopathy – heart failure for 13 years. That humanitarian action has continued to make a miracle of another successful heart transplant from Hanoi to Hue.


Two patients received two kidneys and one other patient transplanted one liver at Viet Duc Hospital were revived from the organ of this guy in Phu Tho. Currently, all four patients are stable.


A “special” heart on a delayed flight

On July 6, a social network shared about a special flight of Bamboo Airways when 159 passengers departing to Hue have felt happy to wait 23 minutes for take-off with a “special” heart.


Previously, the NHOT has coordinated and distributed. Mr. T.’s heart was transferred to Hue Central Hospital for a patient with dilated cardiomyopathy – heart failure for 13 years.

After receiving the heart, medical team of Hue Central Hospital quickly went straight to Noi Bai airport to fly out to Hue. The whole journey time is more than 23 minutes.

According to Bamboo Airways, after being informed about the reason for the flight delay, all passengers on the flight were happy for waiting. The flight returned to Hue safely. The heart was taken off the plane first, got on the ambulance was already at the airport and then went straight to Hue Central Hospital. After more than an hour of surgery, Mr. T.’s heart was beating again in the chest of the transplant recipient in Hue.

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