A brain death man with AB blood group helped to revive 4 people

14/08/2019 17:57

A 44-year-old man left after a headache because of a cerebral aneurysm had saved many other lives.


More than a month after Mr. Dinh Trong Hoang’s left (44 years old, in Ha Khau, Ha Long, Quang Ninh), the family has not yet eased the pain, his old mother has collapsed and been hospitalized all day from the day he died. However, his wish to donate organs was satisfied. That somewhat comforted the family when remembering him.

Mr. Hoang has donated his organs after brain death diagnosed. Photo L.N.

A sign from headache


Mrs. Đinh Thi Thu Hoai – Hoang’s sister – said that around 22:00 of 28th June, Mr. Hoang came home after his shift. It was the day he received his salary but his face expression was so tired, bothered due to a headache. The pain signaled the brain aneurysm that this man did not know.



The next morning, Ms. Hoai did not see her brother carrying her mother to her house as usual, so she urged her to call him up. Just arrived at the agency, she was informed by his mother that Hoang had fallen into a paralysis, incontinent cleaning.



Immediately, Ms. Hoai called someone to burn “ herbs”, cure her brother with the thought that he had a stroke. However, the situation is at a critical moment. Mr. Hoang was taken to Bai Chay Hospital, Quang Ninh, in the state of open eyes but completely unconscious, limbs were paralyzed. The hospital recognized that he had a cerebral aneurysm, and immediately transferred to Bach Mai Hospital for surgery.



When he was healthy, he talked his brother: “If one day something bad happends to me, please donate my organs to save others. As much as possible”. His wish was repeated when his sister and brother took care of him in the hospital. 



Ms. Pham Thi Dao, consultant of Organ Tranplantation Center – Viet Duc University Hospital, said the center received the family’s wish on 29th June.



“Patient was transed to Viet Duc University Hospital. Organ donation is not the first intention, we want to find another chance to live for the patietn. Immediately, the patient received resuscitation, and was evaluated for the initial brain death potential. After that, the evaluation of brain death was also established. After 3 evaluations at least 6 hours apart, the patient is officially determined to have brain death, out of opportunity”, Ms. Dao mentioned.



Mr. Hoang’s sister confided: “I called my mother about the intention of Hoang’s donation, she fainted because she knew he did not survive, but she agreed to sign Hoang’s donation”.



According to Ms. Hoai, Mr. Hoang has a wife and 2 children. The moment he died, the couple were separated. His wife also had no idea about her husband’s donation.

Ass. Prof. Nguyen Quang Nghia, Director of Organ Transplantation Center, Viet Duc University Hospital. Source: HQ.

Organ donation from a donor with a blood type AB


Ass. Prof. Nguyen Quang Nghia, Director of Organ Transplantation Center, Viet Duc University Hospital, shared that common organ donations and organ transplants are done at the hospital. The case of Hoang’s patient was transferred from Bach Mai Hospital. In particular, the donor has AB blood so only people with the same blood group can receive organs.



On 30th June, with a team of more than 100 doctors have raced against time to conduct, organ transplantation from this organ donor including heart, liver, 2 kidneys. 



This source of organs saved 4 lives. The liver was transplanted to a 19-year-old male patient with long-term cirrhosis due to infection. Two patients received kidneys. Sixty-one-year-old patient with heart failure at Cho Ray Hospital has a heart transplant.



After transplantation, up to now, 3 patients with liver and kidney transplantation at Viet Duc University Hospital were discharged. Cardiac patient at Cho Ray Hospital is gradually stabilizing health. The hospital also stores 10 veins at Tissue Bank.



“Patient with corneas has some problems, so we did not take them. The patient’s lungs were also not taken because of the rare blood group, at that time, there were no appropriate patients”, Ass. Prof. Nghia said.



In Viet Nam, organ transplantation has become a routine, is not something hard to do. Viet Duc University Hospital is trying to increase the number of people who donate their organs from brain death to save more lives.


Hà Quyên Journalist / Zing.vn Journal

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