A woman helps her husband fulfill his last testament for donating his organs to save other lives

30/10/2023 15:47

Mr. D.T.B (43 years old, Thuong Tin, Hanoi) has passed away but his heart, liver and kidneys are still helpful because of the noble decision of his wife, Ms. N.T.H, who decided to donate her husband’s organs as his wishes since they got married.

In 2008, Mr. B. and Ms. H had married. At that time, Mr. B. was a disabled person. Their circumstances were so difficult, but they have been staying together for nearly 15 years and have two children, one boy and one girl. Every day, Mr. B drives a three-wheeled vehicle to ship goods while Ms. H. cultivates rice, does additional work such as collecting scrap in the neighborhood, and works as a maid to take care of the family. She confided that for many years her family had sheltered each other in a house of only 9 square meters that was too hot in the sunny days and wetted in the rain. By their efforts to save money and borrow more acquaintances, they have just moved to bigger house that enough to protect him from the rain and sun, unfortunately, the incident was happened.

MSc. Pham Thi Dao – Head of Organ Transplant Consulting and Coordination Unit,

For the past 8 years, Ms. H. has been regularly undergoing thyroid treatment at the Oncology Hospital, but a year ago she was informed that her disease had developed into thyroid cancer, so she underwent the first round of treatment with radioactive iodine therapy. Ms. H was being treated at the Oncology Hospital when she received bad news: When carrying goods as usual that morning and resting at an acquaintance’s house for a while, he suddenly collapsed and was taken to the emergency room at the hospital of Ministry of Agriculture. There he was diagnosed a brain hemorrhage and the heart had stopped beating. The shock was too much for the wife is still being treated the cancer. Suppressing the pain of husband lost, she remembered the story of how in 2009 they read a report on a deceased person donating their organs together, and Mr. B told his wife that if anything happened to him in the future, he would want to donate his organs. Fulfilling his wishes, Ms. H strongly overcame the rumors and interference of relatives has decided to transfer her husband to Viet Duc University Hospital for organ donation. Every time someone told her if she did that, it would be very painful to him leaving without  intact body, she would smile gently and answer that it was his wishes, he would leave but still do good things in life and then he would go to heaven, where you won’t have to suffer. She added that when she was being treated for cancer, she saw reports about many people do registering to donate organs and one case of a terminal patient who waited for 3 years but no organ donated for a transplant, so when he, unfortunately, encountered something, she became even more steadfast in her decision to donate her organs to live forever.

It’s been nearly a month since he left her and their two children, but that woman still diligently returns to take care of the children. Although she has now become the family’s main breadwinner for her two children to rely on and may have to face many more rounds of cancer treatment, their difficult situation will be much worse. However, she refused to join a local poor household because when her husband was still alive, he told her to try to escape poverty, no matter how difficult it was, they would rise up for the sake of their children, so they would not join a poor household. Mr. B has passed away forever, but with the noble decision to donate his organs to save lives as he is still present somewhere in this world, protecting and loving the three children.

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