A young man almost lost his “precious thing ” because of a foreign body implant

18/05/2020 10:16

A 25 years-old man in Hanoi has suffered painful days with penile infection because of being implanted a marble ball in a private clinic.


Andrology clinic of Viet Duc University Hospital examined Mr. N.T.A (25 years old) with a swollen, exudate penis causing an extremely discomfort.


Checking the history, doctors found the penile marble ball that caused his trouble has been implanted at a private clinic 10 days before as the “culprit”.

Doctors at Andrology Center, Viet Duc University Hospital perform one operation

After medical examination, a diagnosis of implant site infection was made and the marble ball was removed associated with debridement of necrotic tissue to prevent the further infectious might cause his man health in future.


On the same day, the operation was done. Mr. BUI Van Quang, MSc, MD., who directly operated, said that the patient had 2 marble balls implanted into penile body right next to the glans and the implant site was infected with a lot of purulent discharge.


A removal of those marble balls, purulent discharge collection for microbiological culture and debridement of infected tissues were made. Postoperatively, this young man was treated with intensive antibiotics, daily dressing changes and continuous wound observation. 2 days after the operation, patient’s condition was stable and he was discharged home.


According to Associate Professor NGUYEN Quang, PhD., MD., Director of Andrology Center, Viet Duc University Hospital, the infection of this patient could be caused by using the instrument not well sterilized or not following strictly the sterilization rule during procedure also for post-operative wound care.


By that, Associate Professor NGUYEN Quang, PhD., MD., also recommended all men not to implant penile ball if not really necessary because of not only procedural risks such as surgical site infection but also a lot of other risks like allergy to foreign object, discomfortable and pain for both their lover and themselves…

2 balls that were implanted into patient’s penile body right next to the glans

Besides, for any medical intervention, patients are advised to come to a qualified, standardized and well-equipped medical facilities in order to avoid miserable situations like above mentioned case.


Thai Binh / Suc khoe va Doi Song Magazine

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