After 2 hours of surgery, a Ha Noi girl with the chest that is “flatter than men” became full

08/08/2019 09:52 – 23 years old, a girl from Ha noi names N.V.A own a lovely face and an ideal height of 1m69. However, her entire upper body was “flatter than the television screen”, so V.A was always inferior when communicating with others … 23 years old, beautiful but inferior girl because of owning “flat chest”


At the age of 23, N.V.A girl in Hanoi owns a lovely face and an ideal height of 1m69. However, V.A is always reserved and self-deprecating when communicating especially with the opposite sex.


V.A’s mother said that since she was younger, V.A was already tall and prettier than her classmates, people who used to joke around growing up would become Miss. By puberty, the older she is, the longer the legs are, but ironically, the breasts did not develop even after puberty. Her whole upper body was “flatter than even a television screen”.


After 5 years studying abroad from Europe, with a good degree, V.A has easily passed the entrance exam to be selected to work at a famous hotel management group in Switzerland in Vietnam. However, V.A’s biggest worry before starting work was that she always felt difficult and inferiority when using dresses or ao dai. Even in communication with boyfriend V.A is always shy and lack of confidence.

“flat chest” of a 23-year-old girl when she visits Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Center – Viet Duc University Hospital

Understanding her daughter’s mind, V.A’s mother encouraged V.A and together went online to search for information about breast augmentation surgery. However, it took several months of searching and researching “submerging submarine at sinking time” on websites, forums of women who had breast augmentation surgery, and they decided to have a direct consultation with doctor.


Ass.Prof. Nguyen Hong Ha, Chief of Plastic and Aesthestic Surgery Center, Viet Duc University Hospital shared, in his daily work, he has seen many situations just like V.A.


Usually in the Asian and Vietnamese races, when the height grows, the longer the legs are, the more the lower body develops, the more the upper body or the lesser, means the breasts will not grow much. This leads to a shorter distance from the depressor to the nipple from the nipple to the navel (the standard ratio is usually equal to these two distances).


“A lot of young people come to consult themselves to be advised by the doctor, always said : my chest is even more flat than the boys’ chest”- Ass. Pro. Ha shared.


However, according to Ass. Pro. Ha, with these cases if choosing the right breast augmentation surgery method, the result from the breast to the body will not be “inferior to Miss “.


Which breast augmentation surgery is safe?


According Ass. Pro. Ha, currently with breast augmentation surgery, there are usually 3 common surgical incisions. The areola will cut into the lower half of the border between the dark skin and the white skin, so it is relatively discreet.


However, this incision is not suitable for women who never gave birth before or small areola, do not want to cut through mammary parenchyma to not affect the ability to breastfeed or reduce the feeling of nipple complexion later. Not to mention the risk of increasing the likelihood of a breast pocket coming into contact with bacteria when inserting a bag through the parenchyma and a small amount of milk or little fluid.


A physical examination showed that many women, although weaned for 2 to 3 years, even managed to produce a few drops of milk with different colors. This increases the incidence of latent infections, forming Biofilm layers around the breast pocket leading to the formation of later spasmodic.


“Therefore, in European and white American countries, surgeons often avoid surgery on the halo but choose the chest line. Hopefully, when the chest gets bigger, it will fall and cover the scar”- Ass. Pro. Ha said.


However, according to Ass. Pro. Ha, in our country, if there is a chest so big that it is too sluggish, few women have a need to make it bigger. Most women often have small chest glands, no excess skin, so they will not fall or lower after surgery. As Vietnamese people are very susceptible to keloids and deep scars, there are two big scar lines in front of the chest that will reduce the aesthetic value of the new breasts. 


Therefore, breast augmentation surgery through armpit is more aesthetic, more advantageous in scarring in the armpit area.


Usually it takes only 3 to 4 months, the scar is a little dark, but in addition to 9 to 12 months, the axillary scar will fade and hide in the armpit’s wrinkles so few people will see it.


But Ass. Pro. Ha also noted that with the distance from the armpit to the chest is relatively far away, the doctors did not directly observe the surgery school before, but just looked outside to see if it was correct. his classic surgical technique is also called blind technique. Meaning the surgeon will use a parachute shovel (small shovel) to push under the muscle to break the large breast muscles from the chest wall to create a cavity.


Therefore, this blindness technique has a higher risk of postoperative bleeding, unequal breasts, two breasts or distant and especially patients (customers) will be very painful after surgery. Sometimes it hurts for months, not even be able to lift their hands .


After 2 hours of surgery, turned the “flat chest” into a full, round breasts


The problem here is how to choose an optimal breast augmentation method? Or how to optimize the method of lifting the most beautiful safe endoscopy for Vietnamese people?


To answer our concern, Ass. Pro. Nguyen Hong Ha shared, due to the anatomical issues, Vietnamese women often have more modest chests than European women, hold less mammary glands, chest muscles are usually firmer and skin quality is better, less sagging due to more collagen. 


“However, as there are more collagen in the skin, Vietnamese people are more likely to have keloids and darker scars than Europeans. I myself, during the process of studying and working in Europe for more than 5 years, hardly experienced any chest keloids in patients who had surgery after breast augmentation surgery or breast reduction. In contrast, the incidence of keloids is relatively high in Asians as well as in African. Therefore, the selection of the incision and the surgical method is very important” – Ass. Prof. Ha said.

With N.V.A’s case, Ass. Pro. Ha and colleagues selected laparoscopic augmentation surgery of breast through the armpit.

Accordingly, instead of blind surgery, the surgeons will put the camera system into the operating chamber, enlarge 5-6 times on full HD screen. Thereby, the anatomical components will be observed clearly to conduct dissection or hemostasis of large blood vessels. Reveal sensory nerves and try to conserve to retain maximum sense of “excitement” for the nipple complex. The process of cutting and separating muscle fibers is gentle, accurate to millimeter. 


“The use of endoscopy in breast augmentation surgery on the armpit makes the risk of bleeding greatly reduced, the double-breasted pocket is in the most weight position, the chest slot is not far apart and after surgery most patients feel less more painful, gentle movements can be done the next day” – Ass. Prof. Ha told.


For V.A, after about 2 hours of surgery, it was like the time of a nap, when she woke up she possessed a full, naturally spontaneous breast. After 2 months the chest gradually softens almost naturally. Now V.A can confidently put on dresses to step into new jobs.


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