An oriental medicine doctor with lung cancer had a shoulder and hip replacement done at age of 83

18/03/2020 07:37

Mr. N.V.T. (83 years old, Hanoi) had been diagnosed with lung cancer since 2004, and was hospitalized because of a fracture his left femoral neck and humeral head. Doctors have successfully replaced shoulder and hip for patient.


On February 23, 2020, Viet Duc University Hospital accepted N.V.T. case (83 years old, lives in Hanoi), is an oriental medicine doctor.


Due to an accident at home, he broke his left femoral neck and humeral head, which was taken to Viet Duc University Hospital by his family.

During an ultrasound, doctors saw pleural effusion and cysts located in liver, kidney. Chest CT scan reveals right lung tumor, atelectasis of  middle lobe, suspected metastatic lung cancer to adrenal gland, bronchopulmonary dilatation 2 sides. Echo Doppler revealed increased pulmonary artery pressure, right pleural fluid.


According to the patient’s family, Mr. T. had a history of lung cancer, had previous surgeries at Viet Duc University Hospital twice in 2004 and 2010 and is still currently using combined western and eastern medicine at home. In addition, Mr. T also has a history of hypertension, diabetes (his blood sugar level is always at 13.5; double compares to normal people).


According to Ass. Prof. Nguyen Manh Khanh – Chef of Upper Extremities and Sport Medicine Department, with the condition of broken left femoral neck and humeral head of patient, if conducted in a cast or splint bone screw combination, the more likely patient can not mobilize again. Without surgery, the patient will not be able to save his life because of complications of pneumonia, ulcer, infection and vessel thrombosis.


 Therefore, after having a consultation with the cardiologist and  anesthesiologist  and making necessary tests, returning patient’s blood sugar to its normal state, Ass. Prof. Nguyen Manh Khanh decided to have hip and shoulder replacement surgery at the same time.


For the trauma of the right humeral head, the surgeons perform partial shoulder replacement surgery, anesthesia to the plexus; For the trauma of the left femoral neck, a partial non-cementing hip joint replacement surgery was performed by spinal anesthesia.

Ass. Prof. Khanh evaluated this surgery requires a lot of techniques and expertise from doctors because the condition of patient is very poor due to the elderly and a history of lung cancer from 16 years ago, oxygen saturation (SpO2) less than 90%, have lung tumors and had lobectomy.


 After an hour of surgery, the patient recovers well, can be discharged and rehabilitation training at home.


 PV Tú Anh/Báo Dân trí


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