Awareness and treatment of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal abscess – fistula

18/12/2019 13:21

Hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal abscess – fistula are common diseases, accounting for a high proportion among recto-anal diseases. For hemorrhoids, people often talk about the prevalence of this disease as “ten people, nine hemorrhoids.” According to epidemiological statistics in Vietnam and all over the world, there are about 50-60% of adults having hemorrhoids symptoms.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hung – Director of Colorectal Surgery and Proctology Center, Viet Duc University Hospital said: Although hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal abscess – fistula… are benign with common symptoms such as anal pain, itching, hematochezia, etc.… but without prompt treatment, it can be persistent and lead to severe complications such as anemia, diffuse inflammation of perineal areas , sepsis that could be life-threatening, make patients lose confidence and reduce their quality of life.


However, with the fear of genital examination and underestimation of the danger, people often hesitate and intentionally avoid visiting doctors until severe pain comes and the disease becomes complicated, making treatment be difficult, prolonged and costly. So as soon as there is any sign of those diseases, people should not hesitate to come to a specialized medical facilities for timely examination, detection and treatment in order to ensuring the quality of life. .


In order to help screening for hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal abscess – fistula as well as other colorectal – perineal diseases, Viet Duc University Hospital organized a program for free examination and consultation about colorectal – perineal diseases leading by experts.


 Time: November 23th, 2019 (Saturday)


 Venue: Clinic No. 03, 2nd Floor, Building C4, On-demand Clinic, Viet Duc University Hospital.


For free examination and consultation, please register directly via the Toll Center 19001902.


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