Before the operation, many surgeons were eager for joining the blood donation program to save patient’s life .

06/01/2020 07:39

In the morning of December 11th, 2019, hundreds of physicians, health staff of Viet Duc University Hospital have actively joined blood donation for emergency care. Many doctors showed up since early morning for taking blood before going to the operation.


Facing with the shortage of blood bank in the year end and the coming New Year 2020, in the morning of December 11th,  Viet Duc University Hospital (VDUH) organized a Blood Donation Campaign named “White Blouse – Warm Heart” to encourage its staff to join the blood donation for emergency, surgery and  patient’s care.


 Hundreds of physicians, health staff of VDUH were eager for registering, screening and donating blood for emergency or treatment of patients. Many doctors said that they came early for donation because they could go to the operation on time.


Dr. Duong Trong Hien, Chief of Abdominal Emergency Surgery Department, VDUH said that in that morning, he had two operations and this blood donation activity for sure would not affect to his scheduled operations.


Other doctors also said that donated blood would be renewed in body during circulation process, thus all activities providing surgeries as well as patient treatment, or emergency care at VDUH are normally done right after the blood donation.

Prof. Tran Binh Giang – Director of VDUH gave blood and encouraged the hospital’s staff to participate in the blood donation.

Prof. Tran Binh Giang, Director of VDUH said that the Hospital performs daily around 250 operations, including 20-30 cases on emergency in different types, mainly are due to traffic injuries, or multiple-injuries that need a huge blood transfusion. “There are some patients who are in emergency due to liver rupture requiring dozen of blood units. In such case, for having good good enough blood for patients, the dozen of blood donors required. Thus, as a biggest surgical center in Vietnam as VDUH, a blood transfusion demand for emergency and other patients is extremely high” – Prof. Giang said.


Recently, blood groups of O and A are in the shortage, especially in time of end year and lunar new year festivals, thus a demand for blood for emergency and patient treatment is increasing.


To be proactive in providing reserve blood as well as living blood for patients, Prof. Giang said that the hospital has mobilized officials, employees and employees in the hospital, and also called for the community. People participate in voluntary blood donation to bring life to so many sick people. The amount of blood collected today 11-12 was tested by the Blood Transfusion Center – Viet Duc Hospital by modern techniques to ensure safe blood units for patients.


To be proactive in providing good reserve blood as well as living donor for patient in case of need, Prof. Giang said that VDUH encouraged all staff as well as community to participate in the blood donation program to save many patient’s life. All blood units collected from the campaign in December 11th are scanned and checked by modern equipment at Blood Transfusion Center, VDUH to ensure a safe blood for patients.


Below are some photos of VDUH’s staff and patient’s relatives participated in the blood donation program at VDUH on December 11th, 2019.


Reporter Ngoc Dung/Bao Nguoi Lao Dong (Labor News)


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