Canh Ty Chinese Lunar New Year: The number of emergency cases due to traffic accidents regarding alcohol consumption reduced rapidly

11/02/2020 09:26

Statistics at Viet Duc University Hospital show that, in the 7 days of Canh Ty Chinese Lunar New Year holidays, the number of emergency cases due to traffic accidents has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of nearly 7 times lower than Ky Hoi Chinese Lunar New Year.


 Talking to the press on January 29 (5th of Canh Ty Chinese Lunar New Year), Dr. Pham Vu Hung – Septic Surgery Department, leader of duty team on the 5th Chinese Lunar New Year of Viet Duc University Hospital said from December 28 to the 4th of New Year, hospital received 919 cases on emergency, down 70 cases with the same period of the Ky Hoi Chinese Lunar New Year. As a result, the number of emergency surgery cases also decreased to 188 instead of 208 cases.

Information of Viet Duc University Hospital also said: By the morning of the 5th of New Year, at the Emergency Department of Viet Duc University Hospital there were still 11 patients waiting for surgery.


On average, each day of Canh Ty Chinese Lunar New Year, hospital examined on emergency for 131 cases, surgeries for 25 patients. The most crowded day was the 3rd day of Tet with 155 patients, the lowest was 1st day with 67 cases.


 Present at the Emergency Department – Viet Duc University Hospital near the end of morning on the 5th of Chinese Lunar New Year, we knew that there are 11 cases waiting for surgery, including 3 cases of brain injury.


 At the Intensive care room 1 – which is considered a hotspot for serious patients, there are 6 emergency cases. Including a 23-year-old young man in Luong Son, Hoa Binh had an accident of a traumatic brain injury, right eye lesion, blood tests showed the positive alcohol. The patient was arriving early morning on the 5th of Lunar New Year, waiting for surgery.

On average each day of Chinese Lunar New Year, Viet Duc University Hospital receives 131 patients, including examinations and surgeries.


According to Dr. Pham Vu Hung – MD, MA – Law on the Prevention and Control of Alcoholism and Decree No. 100 / ND-CP on penalties for administrative violations in the field of transport has reduced the pressure on emergency physicians during the occasion of this New Year holiday.


“In the past 7 days (from December 29 to the morning of the 5th of Chinese Lunar New Year), hospital received 456 emergency cases due to traffic accidents. All victims of traffic accident emergency surgery were tested for alcohol comsumption. Worth mentioning that in the number of emergency cases due to traffic accidents, the number of victims with blood alcohol consumption decreased sharply, to only 69 cases, down nearly 7 times compared to the same period last year.

Caring patients at Intensive care room, Viet Duc University Hospital

Patients often go to hospital in a stage of multiple trauma, broken leg, broken arm, closed chest injury, traumatic brain injury … However, the number of deaths increased significantly. If there were only 16 cases last year, there will be 24 cases this year, said Dr. Hung.


In addition, Viet Duc University Hospital also received 10 emergency cases due to the fire and explosion accident, an increase of 2 cases compared to the last year.


 According to doctors, those who have been hospitalized, their perception is affected, leading to affects the doctor’s examination process. These cases have the potential to miss out on serious injuries and happenings without knowing it. Especially in cases of traumatic brain injury the evaluation of the glasgow coma grading scale is inaccurate, the processing depends on the image diagnostic results.


Mr. Nguyen Trong Khoa, MA – Deputy Director of Agency of Medical Services Administration, (Ministry of Health) said, during Lunar New Year holiday, the system of medical examination and treatment facilities across the country has received and treated nearly 20,300 cases of emergency traffic accidents, down 4,000 cases compare to previous years. Only severely injured persons must be referred to the higher-level hospitals like Viet Duc University Hospital, Cho Ray Hospital…


PV Thái Bình/Báo Sức khỏe và Đời sống

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