Donating oxygen concentrator machine – Providing timely treatment for many Covid-19 patients

28/09/2021 10:58

One of the most urgent issues regarding the treatment of Covid-19 patients is oxygen supply or oxygenation, drugs to increase health and antiviral drugs. Joining hands to repel the Covid-19 pandemic, the Intensive Care Center (ICC) for Covid-19 patients, affiliated to Viet Duc University Hospital (VUDH) in Ho Chi Minh City has received the companionship and the heart of gold of many businesses and agencies.


Phuong Trang Group Investment Joint Stock Company has donated 550 oxygen concentrators and 300 pulse oximeters for the ICC affiliated to VDUH in Ho Chi Minh City to provide timely treatment for many patients.


Mr Nguyen The Dat, Msc – Deputy Head of Medical Supplies and Equipment Department, VDUH (on the right) received donation from Phuong Trang Group at the ICC affiliated to VDUH in Ho Chi Minh City


Mr Tran Binh Giang, PhD, Prof – Director of VDUH informed that among  500-bed of the ICC for Covid-19 Patients, there are 200 beds for severe patients requiring invasive and non-invasive mechanical ventilation, 200 beds for patients requiring oxygenation and 100 beds for patients weaning off from oxygen and waiting for PCR test results before getting discharged. Although the Center has set up a liquid oxygen tank with a large capacity to promptly supply for emergency treatment of patients, the Center is still trying to increase its oxygen supply, because the number of Covid-19 patients was increasing. Timely oxygen therapy intervention will prevent severe progression of the disease, give the opportunities to save many patients with severe condition. The cooperation of the businesses and agencies came just in time, contributing to the improvement and efficiency of the treatment of Covid-19 patients, especially ones in serious and critical conditions.


With the cooperation of many businesses and agencies, VDUH has donated many oxygen concentrators to medical units and facilities in Ho Chi Minh City.


In addition to treating and taking care of patients at the ICC for Covid-19 Patients, doctors and medical staff of VDUH also promote their strengths in training and providing expert support, as well as transferring new technology in the field of intensive care such as continuous hemodialysis, hemoperfusion, etc. Following the direction of the Ministry of Health regarding assigning upper-level hospitals to directly offer professional support in managing and treating Covid-19 patients in Ho Chi Minh City, this Center was in charge of training and transferring techniques to health facilities in Binh Chanh and Binh Tan districts. Not only providing consultation on severe cases in these hospitals, the doctors of VDUH also directly came to survey the situation of local medical facilities to alleviate some difficulties of their local colleagues and contributed to treating the patients to offload the upper-level hospitals. VDUH has donated 645 oxygen concentrators to medical facilities in Ho Chi Minh City, including: 130 machines for the Cu Chi District People’s Committee, 185 machines for the Binh Tan District Medical Center, 100 machines for District 1 People’s Committee, and the other 130 oxygen generators for Binh Chanh District People’s Committee. On September 10th, VDUH has donated another 80 oxygen generators to the Department of Information and Communication of Ho Chi Minh City and 20 machines to Tan Quy Tay commune of Binh Chanh district. Hopefully with this cooperation and support, the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic will soon be successful, Professor Giang added.


Mr Luu Quang Thuy, MD, PhD – Deputy Director of the ICC was gifting oxygen generators to medical facilities in Ho Chi Minh City

Mr Nguyen The Dat, MSc – Deputy Head of Medical Equipment and Supplies Department, VDUH (on the left) was gifting oxygen generators to medical facilities in Ho Chi Minh City

Mr Luu Quang Thuy, MD, PhD – Deputy Director of the ICC for Covid-19 Patients, affiliated to VDUH in Ho Chi Minh City along with Nguyen Trung Cap, 2nd Degree specialist (special envoy of the Ministry of Health) were discussing the Covid-19 epidemic: prevention, control and profession support for some hospitals in Binh Chanh district following the direction of the Ministry of Health

Doctors of ICC for Covid-19 Patients affiliated to VDUH in Ho Chi Minh City came to Trieu An hospital – Binh Tan district – Ho Chi Minh City to share their experience in preventing the pandemic and treating of Covid-19 patients

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