Exchanging and sharing knowledge in the field of skull base and cerebrovascular surgery with leading experts in neurovascular surgery from Japan

27/07/2023 14:24

Japan is a country with a very developed neurosurgery background, which ranks first in the world. In order to improve knowledge, share experiences, learn and update knowledge with experts, thereby constantly improving the quality and effectiveness of vascular surgery and skull base brain tumor removal surgery, the Center for Neurosurgery – Viet Duc University Hospital (VDUH) invited Professor Katsumi Takizawa – Director of Neurosurgery Center – Red Cross Asakikawa Japan Hospital, a leading expert in neurovascular surgery, to the hospital for teaching and sharing his expertise.

Professor Katsumi Takizawa took a photo with doctors from the Center of Neurosurgery, VDUH

Professor Katsumi Takizawa spent 4 days working at the Center of Neurosurgery, VDUH where he trained junior doctors and lectured on Moya-moya disease; Treatment of craniopharyngioma; STA – ICA bypass surgery in the treatment of pathologic Moya – Moya; Surgery to treat giant brain aneurysms and also discuss on surgical technique videos.

Professor Katsumi Takizawa and doctors from the Center for Neurosurgery, VDUH exchanged surgical technique videos.

Previously, on June 17th, at the Neurosurgery Conference for Young Doctors and the 2023 Vietnam Neurological Nursing Conference held in Nghe An province, Professor Katsumi Takizawa also demonstrated the bypass surgical technique. Studying bypass surgery with the participation of professors, doctors, leading experts in the field of Neurosurgery nationwide.

Professor Katsumi Takizawa presented some of his scientific research at the Conference on Neurosurgery for Young Doctors and the Vietnam Conference on Neurological Nursing in 2023.

Assoc. Prof. Dong Van He, MD, PhD – Deputy Director of VDUH, Director of the Center of Neurosurgery said: Surgery for brain tumors in the base of the skull and cerebral blood vessels always poses a big challenge for surgeons. Updating expertise knowledge, exchanging experiences is always a top priority, especially for young surgeons. The Center of Neurosurgery, VDUH always promotes cooperation with experts from many countries around the world such as the US, France, Japan, Australia… Thereby, contributing to the improvement of domestic doctors, improving their professional qualifications, giving access to modern and specialized techniques specialized in cranial and cerebrovascular surgery, improve the quality of medical examination and treatment and care for people’s health step-by-step.

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