Experience of circumcision at Viet Duc University Hospital

05/01/2022 09:09


Every abnormal sign of the penis such as long, narrow or blocked foreskin is an obsession for every men. Circumcision is the best choice procedure to help men get rid of these nuisances.


– Advantages of the Circumcision


Using the circumcision service package at Viet Duc University Hospital, patients might have the good experience with:


+ Modern medical facilities, high quality equipment


+ Experts in men health, professional treatment, procedures to ensure safety and aesthetic aspect,


+ Modern technology, less invasive, painless, be discharged in same day.


+ Fast service, conscientious


– Experience the circumcision service package at Viet Duc University Hospital


+ Patients who come to the examination, register directly at the on- demand medical examination area (Block C4, Viet Duc University Hospital)


+ Call Hotline 19001902 for service.


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