Expert warns using traditional medication for treatment of kidney stone: Be careful of losing both money and kidney!

20/08/2019 21:31

Health and – Although suffering from kidney stones, patient in Son La voluntarily used herbs for a long time, resulting in a 50% reduction in kidney function, one side with tumor, and other side with stones. The doctor was forced to operate on the side of the kidney with a tumor and looked for ways to preserve the remaining kidney.


Many people had consequences due to their own kidney stone treatment method


The history of the patient was known suffering from kidney stones but listening to the tips of herbs consumption would lead to stone dissolution, so the patient had stopped using the medicine according to the doctor who had previously prescribed to switch to unknown herbs .


According to Dr. Do Ngoc Son, M.D, M.A – Deputy chief of urology department – Viet Duc University Hospital, currently, there were many kidney and urinary stones detected, because of medical development, the ability to detect stones early with higher rates. In particular, people have a sense of periodic health examination, disease screening should be detected early.

Dr. Do Ngoc Son, M.D, M.A shared with reporter about one patient’s scanning film has coral kidney stones

According to Dr. Ngoc Son, M.D, M.A, many patients who went to the lower level healthcare, self aware of kidney stones for a long time, but only took traditional medicine with the hope that the gravel would go away but in fact, the stones got bigger, required surgery. In addition, there are cases had kidney stones and urethral stones, should undergo both percutaneous endoscopic lithotripsy and open surgery to manage.


In the case of mentioned male patient, 52 years old came to the hospital late after a long time of smoking, causing kidney dilatation and atrophy and kidney function decreased by 50%, one side of the kidney had tumor and one side had stones. The doctor forced to operate on the side of the kidney with a tumor and looked for ways to preserve the remaining kidney.


“Patients who take the herbs to the hospital said they had urinated stones. The doctor checks if the stones were breaks, disseminate around the urinary tract, causing blockage. Some cases were leading to kidney failure, kidney dysfunction, needed the kidney transplantation”- Dr. Do Ngoc Son, M.D, M.A said.


In fact, the case of this patient is not uncommon because over the last period  Department of Urology has received many similar patients. That male 61-year-old patient in Soc Son – Hanoi was transferred from a lower hospital in the stage of kidney failure, two kidneys were enlarged, the left kidney had ureteral stones, the kidneys must show signs of obstruction. Doctors performed surgery on the ureters to save the kidneys while the kidneys had to be drained.


Release psychological fear of surgery by percutaneous lithotripsy


With the fear of the hospital, of surgery, many people know that they have kidney stones but are reluctant to treat them immediately. This psychology can be completely relieved with the method of percutaneous lithotripsy by effective, fast recovery. Previously, with the prone position of anesthesia, but now, the urological surgeons of Viet Duc University Hospital have taken the posture so that the patient is lying on the side so only spinal anesthesia is needed, patient is awake, avoid affecting breathing, circulation system. 


Ms. Ngo Thi Hong L, 32 years old in Thai Nguyen, visited Viet Duc University Hospital last month due to prolonged lower back pain. As a result, the doctor discovered that there were two coral kidney stones. The patient was admitted to hospital for lithotripsy using endoscopy lithotripsy through skin method. Due to large stones, Ms. L. has done lithotripsy many times.


Dr. Do Ngoc Son, M.D, M.A shared, in order to perform percutaneous lithotripsy, doctors make a small incision about one centimeter at the patient’s back. Then, they dilate a small tunnel through the skin  into the kidney, and the stones. The endoscope is placed in the tunnel so that the doctor can break out and pick up the broken stones. The gravel will also be scooped up into small debris and sucked out. Renal endoscopic percutaneous lithotripsy is a less traumatic method, replacing open surgery. 


Do not arbitrarily treat the diseases of urinary stones


Dr. Do Ngoc Son, M.D, M.A – Deputy chief of urology department – Viet Duc University Hospital said, urinary stones (kidney stones, ureteral stones, bladder stones and urethra) are common diseases, accounting for nearly two thirds of all urological diseases. Urinary stones account for 45 – 50% of urinary diseases in Vietnam. The rate of male (60%) is higher than female (40%), the common age range from 30-60 years is in 75-80%.


Some common signs such as patients with moderate lumbar pain, urination has blood due to moving stones when moving or infection causing damage to the mucosa of the renal pelvis bleeding. When there is urinary tract infection, the patient has a fever of 38 – 39 degrees Celsius, serious pain, cloudy urination and sometimes having septic shock, sweating, purple veins to whole body and hypotension.


For disease prevention and follow-up after treatment of kidney stones, patients need to have a diet that drink more than 2L of water a day, limit high food intake contains calcium, oxalate like milk, cheese, …


Experts said that if not detected early and timely treated, urinary stone disease in general, kidney stones will have unpredictable complications such as urinary infections; pyelonephritis, interstitial nephritis, stenosis of nephropathy;, edema, renal retention, renal abscess; Renal failure due to bilateral kidney stones causes obstruction … even death and recurrence. Meanwhile, kidney-urinary diseases in men can cause dangerous complications, affecting health. More severe can lead to infertility if not treated promptly.


Therefore, urological kidney experts recommend to screen and prevent disease, people should go for periodic health examination at least 1-2 times / year. When there are signs of illness, patients should not self-treat, not self-medicate, but should go to specialized medical facilities to be examined, consulted and diagnosed with appropriate treatment by doctors.


In addition, patients need to coordinate with regular visits to detect recurrent kidney stones or complications and sequelae after intervention.

3rd August, at Room no. 06, 2nd floor, Building C4, Services on demand department, Viet Duc University Hospital will organize a free examination and counseling program on urinary stones and prostate tumors, to help people detect early and have timely treatment methods such as ureter – bladder stones; Simple kidney stones and complex coral stones;  benign hypertrophy tumor of the prostate; Prostate cancer…

For free examination and counseling with leading urologists, please register directly through Hotline: 19001902.

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