Feelings of foreign students who practiced at Viet Duc university hospital

15/04/2020 16:45

During his time at Viet Duc University Hospital, Dat Nguyen (Nguyen Vu Tri Dat), a senior student from Heidelberg University, Germany shared: I am very happy when I am in my homeland where my parents were born, felt attached and learned a lot from Vietnamese doctors and wanted to return soon.

2nd in the left with Ass. Prof. Nguyen Duc Chinh – Chief of Septic Surgery and Wound Care Department is Dat Nguyen, assisted in an operation

Like other foreign students who register to do the clinical clerkship at the Viet Duc University Hospital every year, Dat Nguyen is a Medical student – German nationality and has Vietnamese parents. He is very excited for this clinical clerkship because this is the second homeland which he has never been to but only heard from parents. Vietnam is also known as a friendly country with a growing medical infrastructure to provide standard healthcare for nearly 100 million people. According to the regulations of overseas schools, students may choose the country and foundation they want to join in, and Vietnam is always one of the countries that welcome many international students.


Viet Duc University Hospital (BVHNVD) is known as one of the leading hospitals for surgery in Vietnam, and it is also a venue for joint training with hospitals and universities with training functions for doctors and students at home and abroad. With long-standing traditional partnerships, not only students and doctors from Europe such as France, Germany, England … but also many from other countries such as Australia, Japan, …. Each year the hospital receives hundreds of foreign students coming to study, both medical and nursing students; the hospital is highly appreciated for the friendliness, professional qualifications and foreign language skills. Only from January to the end of March this year, the number of students coming to practice at hospital was already 40.


Although can only use very little Vietnamese in reading and writing, Dat Nguyen said the clinical clerkship experience at the hospital was wonderful. Every day he comes to study as well as practical experience at the Department of Septic Surgery and Wound Care. Many complicated pathologies such as Lugwid ‘s angina, Fournier, tuberculosis of the gastrointestinal tract, … can only be known through the literature. However in Viet Duc University Hospital, Dat Nguyen is directly looking and monitoring the treatment process that bring very good results.


At the same time as Dat Nguyen, Raphaelle Cessac – one of the nursing students who came from Limoges, France enjoyed the time she spent at the hospital. With the fluent French level not only from doctors and nurses but also the caring, attentive and welcoming attitude, Raphaelle and her friends have learned a lot in caring for patients. Other than learning from Vietnamese colleagues, foreign students also exchanged their work and care experiences in France with Vietnamese nurses.


A group of 4-year nursing students from Lillebaelt, Denmark, were surprised by the current level of Vietnamese Health conditions. According to their evaluation, equipment as well as medical qualifications are assessed to be equivalent to their country. Studying and professional exchange entirely in English or French helps foreign students study and integrate easily. On behalf of the Danish student group, Sarah Poulsen was grateful for the hospitality received from hospital. Especially during the time when COVID-19 epidemic quickly affected the world, the students were fully supported to be able to complete the expected course and return home promptly.


In addition to studying, in the spare time, students are also accompanied by young doctors and nurses to visit Hanoi and the beautiful landscapes of Vietnam as well as learn about Vietnamese culture.


“The experience of studying at hospital in the past time was wonderful. When we return home, we will share with our friends in our home country and look forward to coming back to Vietnam soon to study and bring our family to travel again ”- David Kinzler from Duisburg University – Essen, Germany shared.



Nguyen Pham Doan Trang – International Cooperation Department.

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