First discharged lung transplantation patient returned to the normal life

07/01/2020 13:33

After nearly 2 months after discharging from the hospital, Mr. NGO Van Kh. (38 years-old, Chuong My, Hanoi) as the first discharged lung transplantation patient of Viet Duc University Hospital came back for 2nd post-operative check-up. He could walk and live almost like a normal person. His health miraculously recovered.


On October 4, 2019, 1.5 months after being lung transplanted from a brain-dead donor, Mr. Kh. was discharged with congratulations from doctors of Viet Duc University Hospital. He is the second patient with lung transplantation that was performed by Vietnamese team and the first discharged one.


On December 2, nearly two months after discharge, Mr. Kh. came back for 2nd check-up. He walked by himself around consultation rooms in the hospital as a healthy person.


He happily shared that now, he could join a normal life without any difficulty. Several days ago, he took shower, washed cloths and went  to a haircut by himself.  In the afternoon, he turned on the pump to wash the back-yard, watered the vegetables and took care of the plants. Just yesterday, he drove a scooter slowly and gently carried his son of 9 grade weighing 50 kg.

Mr. Kh. on discharge’s day

Remembering about the first day of discharge, he could not walk by himself even to pass over 20cm stair and had many difficulties in talking. However, after 2 months, at the check-up, he said to be 10/10 healthy in comparison with 2/10 at discharge.


His recovery made the neighbors so surprised. When his wife went to the market, people still asked whether he could eat or sit up already. Although when climate changed, he still felt pain on surgical sites from left side toward armpit but his recovery has still been a miracle for himself, his family and doctors.

Mr. Kh. after 2 month of discharge

Dr. Pham Tien Quan, Acting head of ICU, Thoracic and Cardiovascular Center, Viet Duc University Hospital said: In check-up with endoscopy, the condition of transplanted lungs was good. Mr. Kh. could walk normally. Now, he needs to continue to take prescription medications and regular check-ups.


Before, Mr. Kh. suffered from end-stage bronchiectasis. For 10 years, his condition has been serious requiring continuously hospitalized with mechanical ventilation and oxygen support. His prognosis was extremely poor and has only chance of surviving with a lung transplantation.


Assoc. Prof. NGUYEN Huu Uoc, Director of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Center, Viet Duc University Hospital said that post-operative period was very complicated. Lung transplantation was the most difficult technique among organ transplants. Post-transplantation care was also difficult with many concerning issues like lung infection control, airway care, immunosuppressive medications, physiotherapy and physical enhancement.


PV Tr.Hằng/Báo Công an nhân dân


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