Homemade firework explodes, teen boy seriously injured

08/02/2023 15:10

VTV.vn – Doctors of Viet Duc University Hospital have just received a 14-year-old boy, residing in Bac Giang, who was hospitalized with serious injuries due to exploding homemade firecrackers.

Doctor was examining the patient after surgery. Photo: Provided by the hospital

The patient has bought firework powder on the Internet to make fireworks at home and suddenly it’s exploded. When exploding, the blender was thrown into the patient’s left chest.

After receiving the primary care at provincial hospital, the patient was transferred to Viet Duc University Hospital.

Assoc. Prof. Phung Duy Hong Son, MD, PhD- Deputy Director of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Center, Viet Duc University Hospital shared: The patient was admitted to the hospital in a state of burns on his face, both legs and arms were burned. Chest radiograph showed 2 metal foreign bodies in the chest behind the left sternum, suspecting cardiac injury.

The doctors quickly operated him on emergency to promptly remove the foreign bodies and suture the right ventricular wall.

Currently, the patient is stable and continues to be monitoring and caring at the Cardiovascular and Thoracic Center.

Every time near Tet Holidays, the accidents related to homemade firecrackers is increased, leaving unfortunate consequences, there are cases of lifelong injuries such as amputation of hands, severe burns in the face, loss of vision. … even affect life of patients.

We strong recommend: everyone needs to comply with the provisions of the law on the management and use of firecrackers; do not arbitrarily manufacture explosives and firecrackers, causing harm to themselves and the society. At the same time, the functional forces and schools need to step up the propaganda and education of the law in order to raise awareness and understanding about the dangers of firecrackers and explosives for the people, especially for students.


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