Hunting at night with homemade guns, a 16 years-old young man was shot through the brain

18/05/2020 10:20

While joining in a night hunting with homemade guns, patient was suddenly shot by a bullet passing through his brain.

Gunshot wound passing throughout the brain from forehead to right parieto-occipital site

On April 20, 2020 Viet Duc University Hospital shared a successful management for a young man on emergency was shot through his brain by a homemade gun in last few days.


On April 12, 2020, H.T.D (16 years old) from Son Duong Commune, Tuyen Quang Province was transferred to Viet Duc University Hospital with a gunshot wound passing through the brain from frontal to right parieto-occipital zone.


Patient’s family informed that the accident happened at night of April 11, 2020 when D. was joining with his friends in a night hunting with homemade guns. D was shot with a wound at his forehead, right above his left eyebrow. After receiving the first aid at Tuyen Quang General Hospital, patient was transferred to Viet Duc University Hospital.


At Viet Duc University Hospital, patient had a small wound of 0.55 cm passing through the brain from frontal to right parieto-occipital zone causing his left hemiplegia.

Image of the bullet that passed through D.’s brain

An operation for removing the bullet from D.’s brain and debridement of wound was conducted.


Post-operative care, patient was totally awake except hemiplegia due to cerebral injuries. Now, patient is following for postoperative risks up, especially risk of meningitis due to infection from foreign object perhaps leading to epilepsy, cerebral abscess.

Homemade bullet in D.’s brain is a ball taken from bike’s bearing

Bui Huy Manh, PhD., MD., from Department of Neurosurgery I, Viet Duc University Hospital said that cerebral injuries are very dangerous because brain’s function is to control all the vital activities of the body. So, any pathology or damage of the brain might cause the deterioration or dysfunction in this areas.


Hemiplegia due to cerebral sequela is a serious but common consequence of brain injuries. Hopefully the motor function of patient D. will be recovered in the future, however, there is tremendous potential that patient needs some instruments for movement, crutches or wheelchair to get back his personal activities in life.


During the period of COVID-19 pandemic trends to be complicated, Viet Duc University Hospital has well prepared many safety measures such as: each patient has only one family member who comes along with and wears unique barcode identification hand-tags, sites for medical declaration and body temperature measurement, lines marked with 2 meters spacing outside the hospital for patients to ensure the social distancing rules.


Reporter: Tu Anh / Dan Tri Journal

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