In spite of injury that still trying to play football, a teenage boy 17 years old broken ligaments in both knees

17/07/2023 14:42

 (Dan tri) – A teenage 17 years old boy in Ha Noi has been playing soccer for years, rapidly having injuries while playing. At moment of having injuries, the patient was still wearing an elastic bandage to play ball without seeking the medical care.

On 14th June, Viet Duc University Hospital informed about a rare case, the doctors performed the arthroscopy reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament on both knees at the same time the 17-year-old teenage boy.

Patient name is N.T.D resident in Hanoi. He was taken for examination by family due to pain from both knee joins, diagnosed with anterior cruciate liagment on both knees.

He has a history of years playing sport. 4 years ago, D injured with left knee because of jumping high to catch ball and wrong landed pose. However, patient just went to meet the doctors, bandaged the leg with broken ligament, then continue to use elastic bandage to play sport without any medical care or intervention.

Last year, D continued playing soccer and broken righ leg ligament.

With pain from both knee joins, patient was taken to Viet Duc University Hospital for an examination. In here, after the clinical examination the doctors found that the patient had looseness on both knee joints, the findings from MRI was an image of an anterior cruciate ligament rupture that doctors indicated for arthroscopic surgery to repair the anterior cruciate ligament at the same time on both knees.

Doctors performed a surgery to reconstruct the anterior cruciate ligament on both knees for patient. (Photo: provided by hospital)

Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Manh Khanh, MD, PhD – Vice Director of Viet Duc University Hospital, Head of Upper Extremities and Sport Medicine Department said, doctors decided to perform surgery one time instead of two like usual to reduce the anesthesia frequency, costs and hospitalization length stays.

According to Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Manh Khanh, MD, PhD, the advantages of knee arthroscopic surgery helped to fix the lesions with small incisions, short-bone tunnel creation drilled (20mm), firmly fixed on hard bone locations, minized the effects on patients’ bones, partly at young patients with bones were in development process.

In this case, if old techniques were used such as horizontal pegs, there were risks of damaging developed cartilages, causing the deformity of femur and tibia.

Only 30 minutes of surgery procedure, doctors had successfully reconstructed the anterior cruciate ligament both knees. The patient after surgery was stable, practiced early rehabilitation and could walk right away with supported frame.

Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Manh Khanh, MD, PhD suggested, knee injuries with anterior cruciate ligament is fairly common while playing sports, especially with those consisted of combat factor.

If once the knee injury was happened suspected with anterior cruciate ligament, patients should not be negligent and need to seek medical examination and early treatment to avoid the meniscus tear secondary case as in the case of above patient or cause early joint degeneration later, making it more difficult to restore function and play sports again.

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