International co-operation between Viet Duc University Hospital and ADCV

27/11/2017 15:02

Recently, a delegation from ADCV (Aide au Développement de la Chirurgie au Vietnam – Aid to the Development of Surgery in Vietnam) has come to Viet Duc University Hospital, in continuing with their efforts for many years in Vietnam to help improve the surgery section in all aspects, especially in nursing management activities so that patients could be served in the most effective way.


After the short opening ceremony, we discussedto identify the advantages, disadvantages, needs then worked on a co-operation plan. Throughout a survey to investigate the actual situation, we came to an agreement with some key-point contents: urinary sondage process, hand-over card for operating patients, sanitation in hospital and ward level, rehabilitation and respiratory therapy for pediatric patients.


International co-operation between Viet Duc University Hospital and ADCV


After 2 weeks working in Vietnam, Mr. Daniel Berenguer – President of ADCV – said: “In 2015, I came to Viet Duc University to guide the simulation practice with models of adult and pediatric intensive care. However, I don’t have much time in Vietnam for this time. We’ll come back in 2018 with the hope of a better situation. Surely, I’ll spend more time working with you.”


Mr. Daniel Berenguer – President of ADCV


Giving summary speech in closing ceremony, Dr. Tran DinhTho – Vice Director of Viet Duc University Hospital acknowledge the merit of co-operative relationship between ADCV and hospital. Being supported by this program, it is completely possible for nurses to give the better care to patient and to improve the quality of care gradually. Co-operative activities will be not only at nursing care but also in the education on simulation models to develop surgical techniques.

Dr. Tran DinhTho – Vice Director of ViẹtDuc University Hospital was giving speech in the closing ceremony


Dr. Tran DinhTho gave gifts to Mr. Daniel Berenguer – President of ADCV


Delegates were taking a group photos

International co-operation in order to improve nursing care, to catch up with modern techniques in the world and to implement them in the hospital is animportant objective in nursing management aiming to an effective health care system and patient’s satisfaction.

Dr. Bui TrungNghia translated


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