Journey to master the awakening brain tumor surgery technique of Vietnamese doctors

19/06/2019 14:21 – From the first operation by awakening method with the support of international experts, up to now, doctors of Viet Duc University Hospital fully mastered this technique.


Essential preparation steps


In the world, awakening surgery is a method used when brain tumor surgery that the patient is awake during surgery. However, in Vietnam, in the previous years, this method has not yet been implemented.


In fact, Viet Duc University Hospital has embarked on the realization of bringing this technology to Vietnam. The hospital has sent many doctors abroad to study.

The first awakening brain surgery under the support of international expert.

In early 2018, the Neurosurgery Center of Viet Duc University Hospital contacted Japanese experts to consider the conditions of technical transfer. Since then, doing well the preparation, training, finding appropriate patients.


On January 28, after more than half a year of preparation, the first awakening surgery was performed at Viet Duc University Hospital. Japanese experts directly operated on the vision and transferred the technique of awakening surgery to the doctors of the hospital.


The surgery lasted for 6 hours, 2/3 of the time the patient slept so that the doctor would remove the parts of the tumor in the non-dangerous area, the rest of the time, the patient would be fully awake, be induced numbness in the scalp. The patient talks to the doctor completely during the rest of the process.


Ass. Prof. Dong Van He, Vice director of Viet Duc University Hospital also Director of Neurosurgery Center said: conducting a surgery will reduce the patient’s squealed in surgery such as paralysis, motor dysfunction, language function of the patient.

Patients are monitored after surgery.

Master the technique 


Two months after the first awakening surgery, on March 22nd , doctors of the Neurosurgery Center successfully “performed” on their own awakening brain surgery.


Patient Cao Quang C., born in 1964 in Dong Hoi, Quang Binh. Not long ago, the patient often had a feeling of numbness in the left hand, difficult to move and hardly grasped the object. Occasionally the patient walks unsteadily. The patient went to see the doctor and unfortunately found a tumor in the brain. The tumor is 2.3cm x 3.6cm in size. Patient was introduced to the awakening surgery method and happy to accept this.


The surgery takes place over 3 hours, during which the patient awakes an hour. During the surgery, the patients still say, sing … so that the doctors can identify the nerves, avoid damage to right nerves of language or movement. After that, the doctors conducted a complete removal of the tumor in the patient’s brain.


After the surgery, the patient recovered well, the motor functions of the patient recovered as before when having no tumor.


The patient was happy to tell: “I went through an operation that I found very special, because the doctors cut my brain tumor while I was completely awake. In contrast to fear, I feel a bit excited, interesting, because while I was lying in surgery, I could talk to the doctors normally. ”


He added: I was left-handed before, almost every hand-held activity was done with my left hand, except writing. When I had the disease, my left hand barely grasped the objects, until the surgery was over, I could move the knuckles easily and move fingers to count.


To this day, the fingers on the patient’s left hand moved more easily, the patient was able to hold chopsticks and spoons.


The first successful awakening brain tumor surgery, affirming professional ability, and promising the potential to conquer many other top medical techniques in the world by Vietnamese doctors.


Brain tumors are the phenomenon of an abnormal growth of cells in the brain or skull. A growing brain tumor will compress and damage other structures in the brain.


Surgery is a commonly used treatment for most brain tumors. To remove the tumor, neurosurgeons must open the skull to remove the tumor for the patient.


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