Laparoscopic surgery for a woman with appendicitis peritonitis at 32 weeks of pregnancy

03/08/2022 09:52

Viet Duc University Hospital has just received a pregnant patient (N.T.T, 32 years old, Hanoi) at 32-weeks. Ms. T was admitted to the hospital because of right flank abdominal pain. She was examined and cared at a medical facility, but not yet detected the cause. Two days later, even though taking medicine, she still has more pain with high fever, so she went to Viet Duc University Hospital for further examination and diagnosis.


At Viet Duc University Hospital, Dr. Nguyen Trung Nghia, the Department of Emergency Digestive Surgery, directly examined and diagnosed an appendicitis peritonitis in a 32-weeks pregnant woman. Dr. Nghia said that peritonitis caused by perforated appendicitis is a life-threatening complication, especially in this 32-weeks pregnant woman. This complication can affect both mother and baby’s life, requiring an operation performed by experienced surgeons. The doctors on duty have consulted with National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology  experts to give a comprehensive treatment and decided to perform laparoscopic appendectomy on emergency for cleaning the entire abdominal cavity, providing maximum safety and rapid recovery for both the patient and her baby.



As a special surgical hospital, Viet Duc University Hospital receives and treats hundreds of cases of the appendicitis every month, including many pregnant patients. The appendicitis is a common surgical disease, however, that is a special form in pregnant women. During pregnancy, the examination and diagnosis is challenging, more difficult than for normal form, so pregnant women must visit for an early diagnosis at the reputable medical facilities with experienced doctors. Experts recommend: When pain occurs on the right side, pregnant women should go to the hospital for a timely examination to prevent the risk of peritonitis complications that affects the mother and baby. The best surgical solution for appendicitis in pregnant woman, which has many advantages and the possibility of early recovery for the patient, is laparoscopic surgery. Viet Duc University Hospital is a large surgical facility specializing in gastroenterology that successfully performs thousands of laparoscopic surgeries annually and is a leading surgical treatment center, especially in difficult cases such as complicated appendicitis in pregnant women.


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