Losing all male functions after drinking 10 packs of traditional medicine

20/08/2019 21:36

Ass. Prof. Do Truong Thanh mentioned, the percentage of people have prostate disease in the age of under 50 is about 30-40%, older than 50 years of age is about 50% and at 70 years of age is 70%.

Ass. Prof. Do Truong Thanh consulted patient. (Picture: PV/Vietnam+)

On 10th August, Viet Duc University Hospital held an event for examination and free consultation about urinary stone and prostate disease for patients in need.


Nearly 200 patients were examined and consulted by leading experts to detect early and timely treatment methods such as ureter – bladder stones; Simple kidney stones and complex coral stones; Benign hypertrophy tumors of prostate; Prostate cancer…


Ass. Prof. Do Truong Thanh – Chief of department of urology (Viet Duc University Hospital) said that he had received a male patient more than 50 years old, especially when losing all the “functions” of men when taking many traditional medicines continuously.


The patient said, he went to a tourism – agricultural products fair and bought 10 traditional medicine packs advertised that it can cure prostate disease. Later, the man took all 10 medicines with the thought of safe herbal medicine, but the result was the exact opposite.


Ass. Prof. Do Truong Thanh analyzes, traditional medicine now has many types. Besides herbal medicines produced by reputable medical facilities, there are many types of herbal medicines uncontrolled in the market of unknown origin. This medicine not only does not cure the disease but also causes other consequences such as kidney failure, liver failure due to unidentified materials.

People wait for examination of urinary tract matter. (Picture: PV/Vietnam+)

“The use of medicine reduces discomfort for patients, while also treating psychological diseases for patients, avoiding thinking about serious disease in people. However, if traditional medications contain female hormone to reduce symptoms of prostate disease, there will be many side effects. For the above patient, it is necessary to wait a while longer to finish the effect of this medicine to see if there is any change,” Ass. Prof. Thanh emphasized.


Also, according to Ass. Prof. Thanh, urinary stones (kidney stones, ureteral stones, bladder stones and urethra) are common diseases, causing severe complications such as urinary retention, infection, pus, kidney failure, even death and easy to relapse. Kidney-urinary diseases in men can cause dangerous complications, affecting health. More severe can lead to infertility if not treated promptly.


At department of urology (Viet Duc University Hospital), average each day doctors examinate for around 50 cases, including 40 – 50% patients have kidney stones.


Ass. Prof. Thanh mentioned that the incidence of prostate diseases in patients aged under 50 is about 30-40%, more than 50 years of age is about 50% and at age 70 is 70%. Therefore, the experts recommend that men over 40 should go to check their prostate periodically to detect pathology and treat them early./.

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