Making firecrackers according to Youtube, 15-year-old teenager has to cut off his hand

17/01/2020 14:16

On 10th January, 2020 Viet Duc University Hospital received a case of N.H.D.D. (9th grade), residing in Kim Thanh district, Hai Duong hospitalized in a state of multiple injuries due to dynamite processing.


Family members of the patient said, D. had watched how to make explosives on Youtube, then went online to buy homemade explosives KCl03, sulfur to follow. During the crushing process, the medicine suddenly exploded, causing D to be seriously injured.


D hospitalized with multiple trauma: Crushed right forearm, left forearm wound, rotary wrist tendon rupture and multiple lateral wounds.

Making firecrackers by himself, a15-year-old boy lost his hand.


Dr. Nguyen Trong Tai of Orthopaedic and Outpatient Clinic, Viet Duc University Hospital shares: The patient was operated on emergency, amputated 1/3 under the right forearm together with debridement, suture of tendons, cleaned and stitched with soft wounds.


One day after surgery, D. is stable, alert, and is currently being monitored and treated at General Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery Department.


Making explosives is a threat which leads to shattering bones. Most of those who self-made explosives are not knowledgeable about substances, transportation procedures as well as using for real activities. Therefore, to ensure safety for yourself and those around you, in the upcoming Tet New Year 2020, people need to comply with the provisions of the law on management and use of firecrackers.


In particular, parents need to care and educate their children not to listen and follow dangerous health and life instructions online.


 PV Trần Hằng/Báo Công an nhân dân


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