Manifestation of numbness, pain and cyanosis for a week, a man did not expect to have his leg amputated.

03/08/2022 09:42

On 3rd of July, Viet Duc University Hospital received a patient M.D.N (65 years old) from Nga Son, Thanh Hoa).


Through investigation, the patient had a history of calf pain many months but did not seek for medical examination. From a week ago (22/6), the pain increased, the patient had home treatment himself but not improve and therefore he visited a provincial hospital. He was present at province hospital from 1st of July with manifestations of numbness, pain, cyanosis in left calf area and lower, diagnosed with subacute ischemia in the left foot. Doctors in there examined him and explained to family his problem: there was a high risk of amputation. After that, the patient was transferred to Viet Duc University Hospital on July 3.  


Here, emergency duty doctors with many specialties had examined for Mr. N, diagnosed irreversible ischemia in the left calf, consulted with orthopedic expert, indicated amputation for his thigh. Mr. N was operated on emergency for amputation 1/3 middle of his left thigh, the amputated specimen was sent to the pathology department for biopsy. After being stable, the patient was transferred to Lower Extremities Surgery Department for further monitoring and treatment. Every day, the patient was changed dressing by nurses, monitoring whole body condition and amputation. 3 days later, he was discharged and transferred to provincial hospital for further treatment.


Worth mentioning, the patient only had numbness, pain and cyanosis in the left calf a week before coming to the provincial hospital, but due to late visit the medical facility in time when he had symptoms, from a case of chronic ischemia turns into a subacute and irreversible ischemia that requires amputation. 2nd degree specialist Vu Truong Thinh, MD, Lower Extremities Surgery Department, Viet Duc University Hospital said: If this case is left a little bit later, the foot will be wet necrosis, causing shock septic for the patient and can lead to death.


2nd degree specialist Vu Truong Thinh, MD examined for the patient.


Dr. Vu Truong Thinh, adds: 6-10 hours is the golden time to intervention since the patient first appeared pain and numbness in the calf. During that time, the patient should be examined at medical facilities that specialize in cardiology for further specialized check in order to early detection.


Doctors recommend that the people has high-risk factors such as: over 60 years old, have comorbidities such as dyslipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, should go for regular health check-ups to timely detection of disease, which helps to preserve the patient’s limbs and life.


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