Many foreigners choose Viet Duc University Hospital as a reliable facility for medical examination and treatment

09/10/2023 15:40

With facilities, professional qualifications, and quality of medical examination and treatment at the same levels with other countries in the region plus reasonable costs, in recent years, Viet Duc University Hospital has diversified its services, type of medical examination and treatment service, attracting a large number of foreign patients to come.

Recently, Mrs. V.Y (Lao nationality) came for medical examination and treatment at the Spinal Surgery Department, Viet Duc University Hospital. Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Van Thach, Former Head of the Spinal Surgery Department, at Viet Duc University Hospital, directly operated on the patient using L5 cement injection surgery and L45 endoscopic decompression. After surgery, the patient’s condition was stable, she could walk well, no pain, was discharged from the hospital and returned to Laos after 20 days of treatment.

Another case was an Indian patient, Mr.A.V (43 years old) was hospitalized with injuries caused by a motorbike accident. Mr. V is living in Vietnam and working in a food supply company. While getting on a motorbike taxi, he was stabbed in the leg by a drunk person. Mr. V was hospitalized in a conscious state, with a fracture of upper third of his left leg. Here, he was operated on by Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Manh Khanh, Deputy Director of Viet Duc University Hospital, to fix two bones in his left leg. After surgery, a combination treatment with antibiotics and to relieve pain and prevent edema is applied. After a week, Mr. V was stable and discharged from the hospital. Mr. V shared that he was very satisfied with the treatment of the hospital and the dedicated care of the doctors. In additional, he said “I have a friend who is a reputable doctor in India. I sent my X-ray film to him, he highly appreciated the qualifications of Vietnamese doctors. I feel very secure when receiving treatment here”.

Consider the goal of patient centered-care,  each physician and medical staff at the Hospital never feels satisfied but always strives to improve and develop to provide the best medical services for patients. With deep sympathy for the patient’s pain, respect for the patient’s right to privacy, providing patients with an ideal, standard and friendly treatment environment, the medical team, doctors, and staff Medical staff at Viet Duc University Hospital always try their best to improve the quality of people’s health care.


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