“My appreciation for the doctors and medical staffs of Viet Duc University Hospital for taking care my son …” thankful letter of the French patient’s family

19/03/2020 08:42

On February 13, 2020, Viet Duc University Hospital has received a foreign patient transferred from Ninh Binh General Hospital on emergency. The male patient named G.Julian is a 30 year old, French chef, travelling to Viet Nam with a passion for discovery of cuisine.  Unfortunately he had an accident and was hospitalized in a critical condition, diagnosed multiple injuries in the chest, abdominal area, pelvis broken, spine injury by motorbike accidents, at high risk of death if the intervention was not provided on time.


During that night, Dr. Tran Dat, of Neurosurgery 1 and colleagues have performed the operation on emergency. Besides, the hospital also supported the patient’s family to contact the Police of Tam Diep City, Ninh Binh Province – where the accident happened to find the belonging things including: 01 motorbike and 5,000,000 VND in cash as well as patient’s identification documents.


During the patient’s hospitalization, the outbreak of Corona virus (also known as Covid 19) occurred. At that time due to the x-ray of the patient’s lung has some suspected lesions, he was cared in an isolation and the hospital prepared all necessary measures to treatment accordingly. Fortunately, lung damages were resulting from serious injuries.


Then after the patient continued to receive treatment in the Abdominal Emergencies, Center of Anesthesiology and Surgical Intensive Care and Service on- Demand (1C). During 22 days of hospitalization, both doctors and patient’s family were worry. On February 23, 2020, Mr.G.Julian was again returned to Center of Anesthesiology and Surgical Intensive Care due to his lung problem. Along with modern equipment, devotion to cure as well as high sense of responsibility of the health staff of Viet Duc University Hospital, the patient’s life was saved.


Additionally, during hospitalization, the patient’s visa is expired. Staff of International Cooperation Department, with the responsibility of assisting foreign patients, help the patient to extend his visa, always support both patient and his family due to barrier of language encourage their spirit, along with other administrative procedures. In the afternoon of March 5, 2020, the patient was discharged from the hospital and returned to France in stable condition.

Letter of patient’s family thanks to the doctors and medical staffs at the hospital

Touched by the care and support of doctor teams, medical staffs at Viet Duc University Hospital, the patient’s mother sent a thankful letter to the hospital on behalf of the family. “… I would like to express my thankfulness to the doctors and medical staffs of the Abdominal Emergencies, Center of Anesthesiology and Surgical Intensive Care and On- Demand Service (1C), International Cooperation Department for the care and support given to our son… Your kindly care and support are very effective and thanks for everything. ”                                   


Nguyen Thanh Thao – International Cooperation Department

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