Nearly 1 hour of stress, replacement of two hips at the same time for 87-year-old man

12/02/2020 07:36

Viet Duc University Hospital has just successfully performed surgery to replace both hips at the same time for the 87-year-old man.

Doctors checking patient’s x ray.

Viet Duc University Hospital shares, Mr. N.V.K. (87 years old, Soc Son, Hanoi) was hospitalized on January 15th with a broken left leg due to a leisure accident. After the examination, Mr. K. was ordered to replace his joints at the same time, because besides a new injury in his left leg, he fractured with the right thigh bone 3 years ago.


Ass. Prof. Nguyen Manh Khanh – Vice president of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery Institute, Head of Surgical department for Upper extremities and Sport Medicine, Viet Duc University Hospital – says: 3 years ago, the patient had a history of fracture of the right femoral neck, but subjectively did not go to the clinic for timely treatment. 


This caused a soft muscle contraction of 3 – 4cm in the right leg, making the two legs unbalanced. In daily activities, the patient with difficulty walking led to recklessly fallen one more time. The second fall caused him a broken left leg.


 After being admitted to the hospital on January 15th, the old man was consulted by doctors with interdisciplinary consultation, ensuring many factors: anesthesia, resuscitation before, during and after surgery; expected blood, fluids and treat medical conditions such as cardiovascular coordination, diabetes, …


Doctor said if the left hip is replaced firstly (new injury), patient will have to wait for another 1-2 weeks when one side after surgery has been stabilized. Meanwhile, the right leg has a 3-4 cm soft muscle which makes the 2 legs unbalanced, making the postoperative training more difficult. Thus, caring time will be prolonged, patient must suffer a lot of pain and struggle with complications due to prolonged lying, hence doctor decided to replace both hips at the same time.


Doctors performed surgery by the method of replacing non-cemented with small incision technology, minimally invasive surgery, short incision which is only 4-5cm, epidural anesthesia associated with analgesia purpose. This method helps patient reduce the risk of infection; postoperative care would be easier.


 The surgery lasted less than an hour and successfully performed. After surgery, the patient is awake and continuously being monitored and treated.


Previously, doctors at Viet Duc University Hospital also successfully performed replacing groin joints for a 92-years old man.



PV Minh Thúy/Báo Viettimes

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