Pain in the epigastrium region, unexpectedly big tumor in a dangerous position

15/06/2022 09:14

Pain in the epigastric region, a 59-year-old man, resident in Lao Cai Province had to be urgently hospitalized to Viet Duc University Hospital (VDUH).


On the morning of May 23, Hepato – Biliary Surgery Department, VDUH had just successfully operated on a case with big tumor in dangerous area.


Last month, patient underwent laparoscopic appendectomy at a provincial hospital. During surgery, the doctors detected a retroperitoneal tumor, suspected ganglioma.


On findings on CT scan and peroperative evaluation, the tumor was located in the retroperitoneal space at the level of T12, L1 vertebrae; 54x37x51mm,  between the inferior vena cava and the abdominal aorta, grows anteriorly, compressing the common trunk of the portal vein and common hepatic artery. The tumor compressed on the visceral and superior mesenteric arteries.


The surgery for a big tumor in a dangerous location that last 4 hours was successful.


Dr. Do Tuan Anh, MD, PhD, Chief of Hepato – Biliary Surgery Department who directly operated that patient said: The tumor is located in a dangerous area, between all the dangerous and important blood vessels of abdomen.


This location requires doctors to be absolutely careful when removing the tumor because of the risk of aortic damage causing blood loss that leads to death.


The surgical team combined hepatobiliary specialists and cardiovascular surgery, controlling the entire inferior vena cava, aorta, superior mesenteric vessel, portal vein and blood vessels before tumor resection. The four-hour surgery was successful. The patient was discharged from the hospital in a stable condition after 1 week.

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