Promptly save the patient ‘life while his neck was penetrated by a 10cm metal bar.

17/03/2020 09:23

Viet Duc University Hospital (Hanoi) have just received a patient named L. V. T. (40 years old, from Son La province) who suffered from an occupational accident to his middle of neck by an iron bar .


Patient T.,  a Thai ethnic group, employed at a private mechanic factory in Bac Ninh province. He was injured in the middle of neck by an iron bar. Immediately, he was transferred to Bac Ninh General Hospital for first aid and then directly  transported to Viet Duc University Hospital.

wound in patient’s neck

 At Viet Duc University Hospital, Dr. Vu Ngoc Tu PhD. – Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Center said: Through check on external force mechanism, current clinical symptoms and imaging examination, the patient was diagnosed with a complicated neck wound due to a long mental object penetrating from the pharynx into the mouth. Here is the region with many important organs such as airway (trachea), alimentation (esophagus), brain blood vessels (carotid artery)…


Fortunately, the iron bar has not directly injured those organs yet, but stayed nearby all of these structures. The problem was how to remove this object but ensure the absolute safety of all structure to save life of patient and furthermore to keep all his body functions. 


After careful consideration of all options and prevention of all possible complications, the patient was promptly sent to emergency operation and the iron bar was removed. It was a very sharp iron bar over 10cm length.


 In post-operating care, the patient recovered rapidly without any complications. Recently, patient can speak and eat normally. He is waiting for discharging.


Reporter Le Ha/Labor News


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