Provincial hospital can perform organ transplantation

22/01/2020 07:34

In the last day of 2019, doctors of Thanh Hoa General Hospital successfully performed the first case of kidney transplantation from a brain dead donor. This success affirms that technical transfer from higher level hospitals to lower level hospitals does not only bring the high technical service to the patient but also improve the role and image of healthcare system at provincial levels.


On December 30th, 2019, a 30 year old man got a crushed brain due to a traffic accident. He was in unconscious situation, diagnosed with a brain death can not be treated at Thanh Hoa General Hospital. It was the first time at this hospital, its physicians successfully persuaded the patient’s family to donate his organs. The Hospital informed to the Coordination Center for Organ Transplantation and Viet Duc University Hospital about the brain dead case and patient’s family agreed to donate the organs as well.


At the same time, because a procedure to evaluate a brain dead case requires a tight process through Evaluation Committee, thus Thanh Hoa General Hospital decided to transfer patient to Viet Duc University Hospital for further evaluation to more accuracy. In the meantime, Thanh Hoa General Hospital also sent the waiting list of the kidney transplantation for checking the compatibility.


Transferring a kidney from Viet Duc University Hospital to Thanh Hoa for transplantation through a night.


Ass. Prof. Nguyen Quang Nghia – Director of Transplantation Center said: once a brain dead confirmed, the patient was transferred to the operating room to remove the organs. However, due to the donor had a congenital heart disease, the Hospital can only remove a liver and kidneys. As soon as the operation was over, one kidney was preserved and transferred to Thanh Hoa within a night.


The recipient is a male, 31 years old, living in Hoang Hoa, Thanh Hoa, had received periodic hemo-dialysis in last 4 years.


The kidney transplantation was performed from 1 to 4 AM in the last day of 2019. Viet Duc University Hospital also arranged 2 doctors coming to observe the kidney transplantation process that kidney was transferred a distance of 200 km from Hanoi. This was the fifth case of kidney transplantation at Thanh Hoa General Hospital grateful to the technical transfer from Viet Duc University Hospital.

A kidney transferred to Thanh Hoa General Hospital

Successful technical transferred of organ transplantation to the lower level hospital: Benefits for the patient


 Ass. Prof. Nguyen Quanh Nghia said that it is a great progress of provincial level in performing kidney transplantation since the technique was transferred by Viet Duc University Hospital. Recently, the patient is stable, he able to walk normally and can be discharged in the next 10 days.


“At Hemo-dialysis Unit of Thanh Hoa General Hospital, there are about 400 patients with periodic hemo-dialysis, thus a demand for transplantation is huge. That’s why, Thanh Hoa is one of motivated province to learn this technique” – Ass. Prof. Nguyen Quang Nghia shared.


 Also according to Ass. Prof. Nguyen Quang Nghia, kidney transplantation demand is huge while this technique is not very difficult, complicated, requiring the hospital has a hemo-dialysis unit, could perform heart surgery as well as advanced surgeries.

Doctors prepared kidney for transplantation

Viet Duc University Hospital arranged one mission team to Thanh Hoa General Hospital for evaluating whether the Hospital can perform transplantation or not. The physicians were trained at least 3 months in general or 6 months in some techniques. Viet Duc University Hospital successfully transferred transplantation technique for Phu Tho General Hospital and Thanh Hoa General Hospital. The first case was done by Viet Duc University Hospital, then transferred gradually in term of “hands-on” form.


According to the transfer process, after the kidney transplantation, doctors from Viet Duc University Hospital will withdraw step by step and just monitor the procedure performed by provincial hospitals.


“The most worry point when transfer transplantation techniques to the provincial hospitals is the links in chain. After our withdrawal, there are some issues they cannot deal with in time or do not have enough experience to detect an incident which may cause serious complications after transplantation. That’s why, we usually keep in touch through zalo to update the patient’s situation every hour. If something happens, a special team of Viet Duc Univeristy Hospital helps to detect and send an expert to check and handle on site” – Ass. Prof. Nguyen Quang Nghia said.

After kidney transplantation, patient is in stable condition

Until now, thanks for this technical transfer, Phu Tho General Hospital has done 20 cases of kidney transplantation, one of them is the first case that patient was not in the same blood type. Thanh Hoa General Hospital also has done successfully 5 cases. 


“This technical transfer not only brings the advanced and specialized medical technology and services to the patient, but also reduces expenses to send the patient to center levels. Successful performance of kidney transplantation at local area helps patients save costs for transportation, especially further monthly check up and receiving immunosuppressive drugs after transplantation” – Ass. Prof. Nguyen Quang Nghia emphasized.


Prof. Tran Binh Giang – Director of Viet Duc University Hospital said that the expansion of the kidney transplant network at the provincial level is also a way to attract organ donation from brain donors, thus hospital at different levels know and explain to the family of patient to donate the organs after the patients passing away. Recently, the healthy rate of kidney transplantation after 5 years is 95-98 percent. After Phu Tho and Thanh Hoa, Viet Duc University Hospital is transferring this technique to Nghe An General Hospital.


“We have completed the training. This time, Nghe An General Hospital is selecting the patients into the waiting list and submit to Ministry of Health for approval” – Prof. Tran Binh Giang said.


Thai Binh from “Báo Sức khỏe và Đời sống” 


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