Qualified rehabilitation for neurological patients in Viet Duc Hospital

04/07/2019 16:16

MOU signing ceremony in 2018


Viet Duc Hospital is cooperating with Kitahara group to improve the rehabilitation for neurological patients after Traumatic Brain Injury or stroke or brain tumor, spinal cord injury since June 2017. Our project started to work 2 years ago.


 Kitahara Neurosurgical Institute (KNI) one of Kitahara group provides comprehensive medical service to patients in neurosurgery and cardiology in Tokyo, Japan.


 Kitahara group sends Japanese professional staff to Viet Duc Hospital for our project from 2017.


 Many patients in Viet Duc hospital suffer from dysfunction after getting accident or diseases.


 We are building up the system of rehabilitation for neurological patients.

Kitahara expert at the rehabilitation


We offer high quality service on Neuro rehabilitation and Health advices include Environmental coordination.


 We have designed personalized treatment programs for our patients of various physical conditions and disabilities from Head traumatic injury, Spinal cord injury, Brain tumor after the surgery, impact of a stroke etc.

Mr. Hirai Kitahara comes from Kitahara, Japan


Yusuke Hirai is from Kitahara International Hospital, Tokyo Japan.


 He was issued the national license of physical therapist in Japan in 2006. He had experiences to treat the neurological patients from acute to maintain phase. He has been to Cambodia in 2014 – 2016 for Kitahara project to set up Sunrise Japan hospital. At Hanoi, Mr.Hirai has been working from 2017 until now in the Viet Duc – Kitahara project for improving the rehabilitation for neurological patients.


 The Vietnamese staff update new knowledge and techniques about neuro-rehabilitation from Japanese staff. They already got the Japan training.


Kitahara experts provide treatment to patients after neurological diseases who have difficulty walking and also who cannot use their hands skillfully.


 The causes of dysfunction after neurological diseases are not only the problem of the muscle such as muscle weakness but also the problems of the nerve and the brain. The brain orders the information for movement and sensory to the muscle.

New Kitahara room was launched in April,17th, 2019


 Kitahara staff with well- trained and enough knowledge of the brain and nerve function can provides appropriate rehabilitation service for a neurological patient.  


The rehabilitation treatment is not only passive therapy like a massage. Patients will positively learn good posture and how to move their body smoothly. If patients could get the ability of them they would reduce the burden of physical and mental and could expect the recovery of the function for the future.


 We advise how the patients can use the hand and the leg that were paralyzed in daily life.

The good relationship between the Japanese experts and Vietnamese patients


International Cooperation Department

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