“Rescuing ” the “ hard to speak out “ disease of gentlemen with erectile dysfunction by surgery

10/03/2020 07:25

According to Assoc. Prof. NGUYEN Quang, MD., PhD. – Director of Andrology Center, Viet Duc University Hospital, the incidence of erectile dysfunction is relatively high in modern society. It is estimated that 16% of men from 20 to 75 years-old have an erectile dysfunction and this condition might increase with age.


Even though up to now, there are a lot of therapeutic choices in the treatment of erectile dysfunction such as: medicine, surgery, psychological treatment, supportive care… but facing to such a delicate trouble, many gentlemen silently endured and tried to take care themselves by using unknown medications to strengthen their masculinity.


Assoc. Prof. NGUYEN Quang said that it could be very dangerous because the treatment of erectile dysfunction has to come from the underlying root cause, not from arbitrarily using unknown medications.


The treatment of erectile dysfunction is mainly internal medicine with root cause treatment in association with psychological and non-invasive supportive care. However, in many severe cases, penile implant surgery is also indicated


6 operations changed life for 6 gentlemen  


Recently, Viet Duc University Hospital has successfully performed 3 operations for 3 patients with erectile dysfunction, adding to number of successful cases are 6 in total. All patients recovered well, reacquired their self-mastery and became more confident in life.


Assoc. Prof. NGUYEN Quang – Director of Andrology Center, Viet Duc University Hospital was performing operation.

Mr. P.H.T. (42 years-old, from Bac Ninh Province) who underwent multiple operations in 2001 for a head and cervical spine trauma with quadriplegia. Even he had a good recovery in muscular force of left arm and also bowel and urinary function, he was still unable to get penile erection.


Over years, he had suffered from severe psychological troubles because many kind of medications didn’t help him to have sex. Mr. T. went to many hospitals in hoping to manage his erectile ability and to maintain his family happiness. However, all medical treatments didn’t work.


Assoc. Prof. NGUYEN Quang, MD., PhD. shared “After some kind of trauma like cervical or thoracic spine trauma with paralysis, urethral injury, patients have a very small chance to recover their sexual ability even with good medications”.


For those cases, penile implant is a surgical treatment of choice helping patients soon return to normal life and even have children.


Likewise, Mr. N.A.T. (29 years-old) was a case of urethral injury due to pelvic fracture in 2016 with multiple surgeries including 6 urethroplasties and a pelvic internal fixation. After those interventions, he became “impotent” and the penis shrinkage made him self-deprecating so much. Or for diabetes patients, erectile dysfunction doesn’t respond to medical treatment because of penal vascular injuries. In those cases, penile implant could help them to reacquire their self-mastery and to maintain family happiness.


However, to have the right indication, the patients with erectile dysfunction need to go to well known medical facilities for timely examination and treatment. Depending the each cause, doctors will check over the patients and provide them the appropriate

treatment strategy, help the  patients to recover their bravery .


Reporter: Tu Anh / Dan Tri News


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