Save time on medical examination and treatment by registering through the customer care center

31/08/2023 10:02

Northern Vietnam is experiencing heat-wave peaks, which is also the time when more patients go to medical facilities for seeking the medical examination and treatment. Sympathizing with the thoughts and needs of customers who always want to access medical services in the fastest, most accurate manner, and at the same time reduce administrative process to shorten waiting time of patients, limiting the concentration of too many people at a time causing unrest at the Hospital. The online multi-channel customer care center of Viet Duc University Hospital (VDUH) has come into operation, applying modern and advanced technology and operated by a team of professional, dedicated and thoughtful consultants.


To save time, please dial the Multi-channel Customer Care Center of VDUH. Noted that patients who register for on-demand medical services through the Customer Care Center via the call center or bookingcare, ivie (the hospital’s scheduling partners) will be issued priority numbers at 7:30 am. In addition, the hospital has cooperated with banks to help promote non-cash payment of hospital fees, patients can now pay hospital fees via bank transfer. The association with banks at VDUH not only simplifies complicated administrative procedures but also limits the risks in cash transactions.

To book a medical examination, consult administrative procedures, expert advice and medical examination services at the hospital, please contact us for support:

Customer care call center: 19001902



Zalo Official:




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