Saving life for a young man was pierced by 2 iron bars through the perineum, abdomen, chest and thighs

14/05/2020 08:14

A young man fell from a high place, hit 2 iron bars. An iron bar pierced through the anus then abdomen to his chest, through chest wall and poked the left arm; another bar pierced through left thigh.


Accordingly, a male patient names T.D.D (26 years old) in Ha Tinh was transferred to Viet Duc University Hospital for emergency with multiple traumatic injuries, excessive bleeding, pain, shortness of breath.


The patient had 2 twisted iron bars, about 1.5m long pierced through perineum, abdomen, chest and thigh. While a bar penetrates from the anus through abdomen to chest, piercing through chest wall and poked the left arm; a bar through left thigh.


It is known that Mr. D is a worker for contraction. Earlier, during the labor process, patient fell from a high place and hit two iron bars. His colleagues broke concrete, placed on an iron plate and quickly transferred to emergency room at Viet Duc University Hospital.

X-ray film of patient

Right after receiving patient, the doctors on duty had timely resuscitation, anti-shock, triggered red code in the hospital; at the same time focusing specialties like Digestive, Urology, Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery and Vein Departments … and immediately transferred to operating room.


Dr. Le Nhat Huy, MD, MA – Proctology Rectal and Perineal Surgery Center –, Viet Duc University Hospital, who directly performed emergency surgery for patient says, while carrying out wound care for patient, doctors realized he had complicated multi-injuries.


 Specifically, the first iron bar pierced through right button, causing spasm of sphincter, perforation of rectum; perforated through bladder, colon, small intestine, gastric tearing; penetrated left diaphragm and left chest wall, tearing left arm soft part.


The second iron bar pierced through left thigh, tearing left thigh muscle, crushing femoral artery, tearing left thigh vein.


4 operation teams from Digestive, Urology, Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery and Cardiovascular had removed foreign objects, rectal sutured, bladder sutured, colon, stomach, diaphragm sutured, treated chest wounds, pleural drainaged.


After that, doctors conducted one colostomy for the patient, cut the femoral artery in the affected area, and sewed thigh vein wound. The surgery took place within 6 hours.


After surgery, patient was received internsive care after 12 hours, then transferred to treatment department while being conscious, pulse, stable blood pressure, high fever. Currently, patient is still being monitored and actively treated in hospital. 


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