Saw blade broke, the lawn mower cut off the man’s leg

17/01/2020 14:18

The patient was B.V.L (56 years old, Hoa Binh) hospitalized in the situation of open wound 3/4 of the left circumference of the lower leg, serious bleeding; loss of movement in the ankles and toes, open tibia fracture, completely cut of anterior and posterior calf muscle tendons, cut of posterior, anterior tibial vessel.


 Family members of patient said that when Mr. L. was mowing the lawn, the saw blade accidentally stumbled on the stone, broke and cut his leg as the lawn mower had removed the iron plate guard. Mr. L was given first aid bandage at the district hospital, then transferred to Viet Duc University Hospital at 10am on 31st Dec, 2019.

Dr. Hoang Minh Thang – Upper Extremities and Sport Trauma Deparment said: Patient has the external fixation for tibia fracture, connect tendon, nerves, as well as both anterior and posterior tibia arteries. 


After surgery, patient’s condition has been stable, warm pink extremity, clear anterior, posterior tibia veins and patient are being guided to rehabilitate.


Dr. Hoang Minh Thang recommends: People should be aware of labor safety, thoroughly inspect equipment before use to avoid unfortunate accidents.


 Viet Duc University Hospital regularly receives cases of patient hospitalized for work-related injuries such as glass cutting into their hands, hands in chainsaws, etc. 


PV Tú Anh/Báo Dân trí


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