Sigmoid colon volvulus in children, a rare case

14/12/2023 08:20

Doctors at Viet Duc University Hospital have successfully treated a rare case of sigmoid colon volvulus in a 15-year-old boy patient. 

The patient was brought to the emergency room after experiencing dull abdominal pain for 2 days, which then worsened. He was initially treated at a district hospital before being transferred to Viet Duc University Hospital due to persistent abdominal pain, vomiting, inability to defecate, and a distended and tender abdomen. An x-ray with a “bird’s beak” image confirmed the diagnosis of sigmoid colon volvulus, a type of intestinal obstruction. Despite initial attempts to untwist the colon using an anal catheter, surgery was ultimately required to correct the condition. Three days after the surgery, the patient was able to have bowel movements and began eating porridge.

Image of sigmoid volvulus in pediatric patient

According to Dr. Hong Quy Quan, MD, Deputy Head of the Department of Pediatric and Neonatal Surgery at Viet Duc University Hospital, sigmoid colon is a rare in children, however, it’s commonly occurred in  elderly people. Some related factors to develop this disease is Hirschsprung pathology, unexpected sigmoid colon fixation, and chronic constipation. Due to its rarity in children, there is a higher risk of developing colon cancer, so it’s important to seek medical attention if experiencing symptoms such as abdominal pain and vomiting. 

Dr. Quan, MD also recommends adjusting the diet and using medication if necessary for pediatric patients with this condition.

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