Successful treatment for a sudden hemoptysis

14/02/2020 14:42

Being well without any specific medical history, however, in last 10 days the patient had throat irritation and continuous  severe hemoptysis.

CT Scan showed a ruptured aneurysm of a branch of pulmonary artery

On 27th December 2019, a 61-year old man was admitted to Viet Duc University Hospital with the throat irritation and a life-threatening hemoptysis. In the last 10 days, he presented 5 times of massive hemoptysis with hundreds of ml of blood each time.


By clinical examination and findings from CT scan, the physicians found out that patient had bilateral diffuse interstitial lesions and an pseudo-aneurysm of a branch of left inferior pulmonary artery so an indication of endovascular intervention was made for embolization of rupture.


However, just before procedure, the patient had massive hemoptysis causing tachycardia and hypotension.

After the selective embolization of pseudo-aneurysm by metallic coins, the patient was stable dynamically.

At that time, the resuscitation was performing while bilateral pulmonary arteries angiography conducted, found an ruptured pseudo-aneurysm of 6×10 mm size at a branch of right inferior pulmonary artery bleeding.


Dr. LE Thanh Dung, PhD, Vice Chief of Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicince Center, Viet Duc University Hospital, shared that after the pseudo-aneurysm was embolised selectively by metallic coins, the patient dynamic was  temporary stable.


According to VietDuc University Hospital physicians, hemoptysis is such a frequent symptom, however, patients need to recognize and to identify the blood loss degree in order get the timely treatment.


Coughing with small bloody sputum of the total amount below 50 ml and normal pulse and blood pressure could be considered as mild hemoptysis. When the total amount is from 50 to 200 ml with tardycardia but normal blood pressure, it could be considered as moderate hemoptysis. If the total amount increases by more than 200 ml each time or 600 ml / 48 hours with multiples pulmonary lesions, cardiac and / or respiratory failure, it must be considered as severe hemoptysis requiring an immediate resusciatation.



Duy Tiến / An ninh Thủ đô Newspaper


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