Successful weight loss, 36-year-old female patient feels happily because of becoming a mother for the first time

19/01/2023 08:34


With a weight of more than 110 kilograms, Ms. V used to have difficulty becoming a mother. Thanks to weight loss, she gained great expectations and gave birth to a daughter weighing more than 3 kilograms. Happy to share that sweet happiness, Ms. V thanked the doctors of Viet Duc University Hospital for helping her to become a mother.

Before undergoing vertical banded gastroplasty surgery, Ms. V. weighed 110 kilograms. After two years of perseverance, Ms. V  lost 50 kilograms. Thanks to the weight loss, she feels happier. To get the dream body, with the careful advice of Dr. Bui Thanh Phuc – Deputy Head of the Department of Emergency Digestive Surgery, Viet Duc University Hospital, after the surgery, Ms. V. maintained a strict diet combined with exercise to keep the right weight.

Ms. V. said that after losing weight, not only did her body become more agile and flexible, but her mentality also changed positively. The most important thing is that she becomes a mother at the age of 36.

Dr. Bui Thanh Phuc, MD, PhD said: The average weight of each person after obesity treatment one year decreased by about 35 kilograms. It is worth mentioning that for many people, after weight loss surgery, the comorbidities such as mellitus diabetes and hyperlipidemia almost disappear. Many people have become mothers after many years of infertility treatment.

Dr. Bui Thanh Phuc, MD, PhD – Deputy Head of Emergency Abdominal Surgery Department, Viet Duc University Hospital was examining and consulting for obese patients

Doctors also recommend: Obesity, which is a prevalent disease in modern life, is increasing at an alarming rate, shortening life expectancy and affecting the quality of life, and leading to a series of consequences of diseases such as high blood pressure, heart attack, heart failure, mellitus diabetes, infertility, cancer, etc.

Management of overweight and obesity diseases is a multidisciplinary specialties, including nutrition, physiotherapy, internal medicine, surgery, psychological treatment. Young patients needed to be early treated if they don’t want obesity to affect their physical activities and reproductive health. 


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