Supporting patient in the “battle” against the Covid-19 pandemic

15/04/2020 16:56

Facing the difficult situation of Covid-19 epidemic currently occurred, Viet Duc University Hospital (VDUH) has planned to receive kidney transplant patients being treated at Bach Mai Hospital, in order to protect patients’ health, to reduce the risk of epidemics affecting the treatment process.

VDUH has set up a separate clinic area for patients with kidney transplantation at clinics 1,2,3 – On-demand consultation area (2nd floor of Building C)

During the working time, doctors and nurses are fully equipped with PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to protect both patients and themselves.

Financial department in separate clinic area providing services for kidney transplant patients.

VDUH has set up a separate clinic area for kidney transplant patients at clinics 1, 2, 3 – On-demand clinic (2nd floor of Building C). No. 1 is the financial department, No. 2 for doctors and nurses, and No. 3 is to delivery medicines. From the hospital gates, kidney transplantation patients will be instructed by medical staffs to conduct screening, health check and separate lanes to the clinic area. At the clinics, patients are well protected by security and medical staff, dedicated to ensure maximum prevention of the risk of infection, maintain treatment for long-time patients. During the working time, the doctors and nurses are fully equipped with PPE to protect the patients and themselves.


Hopefully, with the contribution of the whole health sector, with the spirit of “fighting against epidemics like fighting against the enemy”, if the doctors are the frontline solders, each citizen will be a solid rearguard. We will fight together so that “no one will be left behind.”


                                                                                                Department of Social Work

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