Timely surgery saved finger for a Russian boy

26/05/2020 08:34

Recently, Viet Duc University Hospital received a case of T.S (6 years old, Russian nationality) who was living in Hanoi hospitalized due to a hand-held accident at the door.


S went to Viet Duc University Hospital in a urgent situation where the tip of the middle finger was crushed. Dr. Ngo Ba Toan, Deputy Chef of General Orthopedic Surgery Department, said that patient had been promptly rescued by surgeons, handled the crushed soft area, put the nail back, and stitched to form the finger-shaped, thus avoiding the risk of amputated finger tip.

Picture of finger before and after surgery

Patient was monitored, medication and re-evaluated after 48 hours: Finger tip is pink again, which is a sign of a normal finger. After 3 months of re-examination, child’s finger regained sensation and normal activities.

Finger after sugery 6 days and 3 months later

Dr. Ngo Ba Toan, MD,PhD added: Covid-19 pandemic caused us to face the deadly danger of pneumonia, isolation is the most effective solution to prevent from spreading. However, prolonged stay at home increases stress in both children and adults. Supporting children to play is important, because of their mental health, experts recommend giving children freedom to play. This is especially important for elementary school children. During free play, children decide what they want to do, how they want to do it and when they want to start and stop. The role of adults is to provide physical, psychological and supportive resources for children to play, on the other hand, to ensure the safety of children. In the case of 6-year-old S, who had an accident while playing indoors, despite being seriously injured, he was able to keep his finger on surgery promptly. This is also an experience for parents to be aware of the safety of children when playing indoors.


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