Training course to improve the role of surgical nurses

19/10/2023 13:22

Today, along with the general development of the surgeries, the role of surgical nurses is increasingly enhanced, requiring better practical skills and care for patients. The need for training for nurses to be able to work in medical facilities for surgeries is a reality and is becoming increasingly urgent.

Mr. Tran Van Oanh – Head nurse of Nursing Department of Hospital is instructing students

Viet Duc University Hospital is a special-class hospital specializing in Surgery, and meets the requirements of being a practice facility in health sector training with the following specialties: Surgery, Anesthesiology, and Diagnostic Imaging … With the diversity of pathologies and the large number of patients, it is a good condition for specialized surgical training in general and surgical nursing training in particular. Students will be trained and instructed by leading surgical experts in knowledge, skills, and attitudes in caring for surgical patients to become good surgical nurses, contributing to improving the patient’s quality of care and treatment, and at the same time help grassroots hospitals have a team of surgical nurses with good experience in patient care, contributing to improving treatment efficiency for the community.

Photos of a practice workshop in the simulation room

With the spirit of always trying, striving, innovating service mechanisms, strongly developing specialized techniques to meet patient needs, equipped with modern equipment according to the standards of advanced countries, along with a team of doctors and nurses regularly trained domestically and internationally, Viet Duc University Hospital is always a prestigious facility to help colleagues improve their professional qualifications and promote many specific strengths in the field of Surgery.

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