Viet Duc University Hospital has conducted COVID-19 vaccination for patients and their relatives

20/10/2021 14:24

In context that the Hospital has detected the positive cases with SARS-CoV-2 virus (Covid-19), in order to be able to return to normal, Viet Duc University Hospital has vaccinated patients and their relatives while staying at the hospital in accordance with regulations and professional procedures issued by the Ministry of Health and completely according to the voluntary consent of the patients and their relatives. The subjects are the patients and their relatives who are currently present in the departments that have not been blocked or isolated.


The Hospital’s medical staff are fully equipped with PPE and directly perform vaccinations at each department, ensuring compliance with the vaccination process. Every patient and relative is carefully checked personal information and screening prior vaccination to ensure safety, carefully instructed about abnormal manifestations that need to be reported to medical staff for timely handling. On October 4th and 5th, the Hospital vaccinated 382 people (including 179 patients and 203 patients’ family members) at 15 sites . It is expected that the Hospital will continue to vaccinate patients and their family members who are still in the hospital and are eligible for vaccination in the following days.


Vaccinating patients and their family members also helps to minimize the spread of COVID-19 epidemic, timely encourages morale and creates peace of mind for patients and their family members who are being at the hospital.


Some pictures of vaccination against Covid-19 for patients and their relatives at Viet Duc University Hospital:


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