Viet Duc University Hospital launches Guarantee Insurance Service: In cooperation with prestige insurance companies.

17/03/2020 09:40

Nowadays, personal as well as family’s member’s health protection and caring are gradually focused with more diverse and positive demands. A happy family always starts with love and well being of all family’s members. But it is a burden of medical expense when disease comes without alert in advance. In those occasions, one of solution to ensure financial capacity for family with illness is comprehensive health insurance.


Recently, Viet Duc University Hospital (VDUH) launches Guarantee Insurance service with diverse types including services for both inpatients and outpatients, in which guarantee at consultation in on-demand service area for outpatient as well as inpatients in all clinical departments. VDUH links with prestige insurance companies to implement many appropriate insurance forms, which provided diverse insurance rights depend on demand and financial capacity, such as: Insurance for Inpatient Treatment, Insurance for Outpatient due to illness, disease, accident, death, personal accident with responsible level ups to millions dong/person/year.


Guarantee acceptant and payment procedures are fast, convenient, that not only help to reduce the waiting time, but also increase the information security as well as prevent document lost. Implementing guarantee insurance service at hospital, patient are supported by insurance company to pay all real expenses depend on the chosen program by the patient including examinations, high-quality service expenses, drugs and medications according to regulations of Ministry of Health, including the medications are not covered by Health Insurance.


Guarantee Insurance implemented at Viet Duc University Hospital will help patients trust and have more options for experience of the best health services and health care in Vietnam.



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