Viet Duc University Hospital opens two high-quality operating rooms

12/03/2020 08:46

The two high-quality operating rooms newly opened by Viet Duc University Hospital on the morning, February 27, are the portable CT scan system in the BodyTom operating room and the OR1 NEO operating room with many outstanding advantages.


In order to improve service style and equipment to meet patients’ satisfaction, on February 27, Viet Duc University Hospital opened 2 high-quality operating rooms: portable CT scan system in the BodyTom operating room and the OR1 NEO OPERATION room with many outstanding advantages.


Prof. Tran Binh Giang, Director of Viet Duc University Hospital said, the advantages of portable CT scan system in the BodyTom operating room is the wide vision, the rotation speed is 1 second, the scanning area is 200cm wide, the number of rays is low, the image quality is clear, the contrast of bone edges is high; Fast operation process only 5 steps; It is especially important that the high image accuracy when integrated with the robot system makes the accuracy of robotic surgery to the maximum, especially in difficult surgeries.

Modern equipment in the operating room

The camera can be moved during surgery, CT scan for the whole patient’s body and suitable for all sizes of patients. BodyTom is used in neurosurgery, spine surgery, combined surgery with robot, image diagnosis, cancer treatment, trauma, and vascular intervention.


The advantage of BodyTom system is the wide field of view: 60 cm; scanning area: 200 cm; fast rotation speed: 1 second; with image quality can clearly see the screw threads; It can be combined with Renaissance spine surgery robot, Rosa’s neurosurgical robot, the robot to replace hip and knee Mako to increase the accuracy of the surgery to the maximum.

High-quality operating room just newly opened

As the hospital informed the KARL STORZ OR1 operating room, putting the OR1 TM system into use will help bring practical benefits such as standardizing the surgical process, improving work efficiency, and exchanging information more and optimize the surgical work, reduce the operation time and treatment of the surgery.

Prof. Tran Binh Giang, Director of Viet Duc University Hospital introduces about outstanding features of operating room


In addition, the Council and the Assembly Standard Remote and training rooms can see the process of implementation through network view, transmit two-way communication is integrated region with assimilation from the operating room with the system Central hospital information through LAN network is connected.


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